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UFO Video Showing Aliens Finally Made Public | Alternative Energy Travel

Finally real proof that there is extra terrestrial life - out there! Videos showing small ET like beings with X-ray pictures.

To help prevent obesity, give your kid a smaller plate

MD Mama gives healthy portion of sound advice. Sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest ones, as this idea proves.

Maybe We Need A McDonald's For Healthy Foods

Food so cheap that poor people can be fat is a miracle only dreamed about by philosophers and economists throughout history. It is now finally a reality.

14 year old burger

McDonald’s Hamburger is the Ultimate Food preservative.

A McDonald’s hamburger bought last century (1999) in Utah looks exactly the same as the day it was first flipped (even after it spent two years in a coat pocket). The only thing that did not last was the pickle in the middle.

Vicious new Bird Flu strain causes humans to suffer suffer septic shock, brain damage and pneumonia. Deaths 'are just the tip of the iceberg.'

Particularly concerning because this virus has genetic characteristics that might be better adapted than other bird flu strains to infect mammals - including humans - and we have no resistance to it.

Because the virus doesn’t make birds sick, so it may spread widely and remain undetected until people become ill.

Dung diet for HIV

“Let them eat dung!” Swaziland government advises AIDS patients to eat dung from cow patties to make HIV drugs more efficient.

Earth facing a mini-Ice Age starting within ten years due to rare drop in sunspot activity

The sun is heading into an unusual and extended period of hibernation that could trigger a mini-Ice Age on Earth, scientists claim.

Immoral Islamic Sexual Jihad Legitimizing Child Prostitution

Immoral Muslim imams and jihadis call for teenage girls to go on a Sexual Jihad to be sex workers for Syrian rbel fighters. Islamic sheiks who have no respect for Muslim girls and treat them as sex slaves.

Native Remedies Calm within soothing music CD advert

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