Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson Correspondent

Charles Wilson


My name is Charles Wilson. I am first and foremost a husband to my dear wife and the proud father of three wonderful daughters.

My academic background is in chemistry and the philosophy of science.

After retiring I discovered I have adult ADHD. I never knew I had a disorder as I developed my talents and delegated my weaknesses to someone else.

True ADHD is an attention deficit hyperfocussing personality.

The disorder for true ADHD arises when we try to be “normal” like a neurotypical.

So now I write about ADHD from a different perspective than seen on most other ADHD web sites, and I also write about other subjects that interest me, such as faith, health and politics.

I will attempt to give an objective overview of the subjects I cover, but I do have opinions and a strong belief that we should strive towards truth and justice in our everyday social interactions.