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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Resources

May 10th 2010

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) do not need to be a curse. No two people are the same. No two people are talented in the same way. Many people with ADHD or ADD feel frustrations in modern society stemming from a pressure to conform. Even the nonconformists in society conform in how to be nonconformists. Punks, for example, are really variations on a theme. So are Goths.

Treating a condition should treat causes and not symptoms. This is valid in other areas of health, such as cancer. For example:

Alternative Cancer Treatment All of Envitas alternative cancer treatments are research supported and based upon reports in the published scientific literature.

Their treatment goes beyond the limitations of standardized treatment to thinking outside the box, with research and innovation.

Do we really have to be like everyone else. There are successful people who use their ADHD condition to their advantage. The actor Robin Williams behaves in a way that indicates he may be an adult with ADHD. That is probably his resource for his incredible talent. Finding a niche in life, where one can be oneself is a part of ADHD coping strategies.

Among the many strategies in dealing with ADHD is home schooling or studying at home. If the school or college environment is too distracting, but the right conditions can be created in the home environment, this can be an ideal solution. Many children who have difficulties at school do well with home schooling.

Examples are:

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  • Free GED Find free GED support such as registration and preparation information from Franklin Virtual Schools.

This page is devoted to presenting resources which give the wide variety of alternate therapy and solutions.

The search for a universal cause and universal cure for conditions like ADD and ADHD are doomed. The reasoning behind such a search is faulty. We are not identical to each other. Some people develop allergies and others never do. Some people develop cancer, while others do not.

For some people with allergies, it is birch pollen which sets off their reaction, with others it is grass, cats, mould or food dye.

Each person with ADD or ADHD behaviour need to find their own personal solution. There are different causes requiring different solutions, and sometimes these even require a lifestyle change.

There are really only two hard and fast rules:

  • ADHD medications are hard, dangerous, dependence forming drugs. Avoid them if possible. Try them as a last resort under the guidance of a physician who understands their dangers.
  • No two people are identical. Not even identical twins after exposure to different environments.

Find the solution that best fits you, your spouse or your child.

Attention Deficit Disorder real life solutions

the happy child ebook advert

The authors of The Happy Child Guide, are a husband and wife team. Dr Blaise Ryan is a world renown Natural Medicine Doctor, Child Behavior Researcher and he is the Chief Medical Researcher at Child Brain Health Research Institute.

While most conventional ADHD treatments follow the "medicate" theme without reflecting on the negative sides of the issue, Dr Ryan has an education and training that encouraged alternative and creative thinking. Together with his wife they developed a parenting method based on discipline without punishments or rewards.

Dr. Blaise Ryan's background:

  • Doctor of Natural Medicine
  • Human Energy Research Pioneer
  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Child Psychological Development Specialist
  • Natural Longevity and Rejuvenation Specialist
  • Chief Medical Researcher at Child Brain Health Research Institute

After years of researching, teaching and practicing medicine and health, while being a father himself, the important connection between health and child rearing inspired him to co-author The Happy Child Guide.

The Happy Child Guide is co authored with his wife Ashley Olivia Anne Ryan, who's background is:

  • Co-author of The Happy Child Guide
  • Co-founder of The Parent Learning Club
  • Parenting Coach and Consultant
  • International Web Publisher
  • Dance, Yoga, and Drumming Instructor
  • International Dance Performance Artist

The skills you will learn in The Happy Child Guide are all things that they have learned from a variety of experts, authors, parents, caregivers, teachers, doctors, researchers, and scientists that have worked for them. Over the years they have practiced all these methods and simplified them for you in this book.

ADHD medication does not cure the behavior problems, but supresses the symptoms for a few hours. Outcomes after many years use show no behavior change without medication, but a high number suffering from side effects of these powerful drugs. Behavior change as taught in The Happy Child Guide works at the level of real change, building self confidence and sociasl skills.

take control of ADHD

An Airline Pilot With ADD Reveals How He and His Two ADHD Children Took Control of Their Lives by Using ADD/ADHD to Their Advantage!"

Interview with Dr Scott Saunders

ADHD natural cure

Dr. Scott Saunders, M.D on ADHD and ADD

ADHD Solution - Who Is Responsible?

Since ADHD and ADD are contrived disorders, they are behavioural symptoms and symptoms are not disorders, the first place to look is for a natural explanation. The cause of the ADHD or ADD behavior patterns needs to be found, not through some “ivory tower” hypothesis, but through common sense, and rational reasoning.

It is the child who will become an adult, the parents or the adult who has just been diagnosed with adult ADHD, who have to carry the consequences of the decision, Not the physician or psychologist.

ADHD medications are useful as a crutch if the behaviour problems are too severe, but they do not cure. They last a few hours and need to be taken the next day again, ad nauseum. The cures for ADHD and ADD need to be tailored to the individual and are based on the cause.

Choose wisely. The present state of research in the subject is so confused, that a mom with an ADD child, or a pilot with two ADHD children can find the solutions fitting them personally, while the “consensus” scientists are getting their statistics in a knot.

Since there are over a hundred possible causes for the ADD or ADHD behaviour, then it is obvious that research based on a few hundred individuals per research project, will never be able to statistically make sense. That type of Attention Deficit research is an inane lost cause before it starts.

ADD or ADHD is not an excuse for bad behavior. Everybody must adapt and learn to cope in society to one degree or other. The person with an ADHD personality has to work harder on that, adapting through coping strategies and lifestyle choices. Not everyone needs to be “normal” and everybody has to make career or lifestyle choices, based on their personality, talents, likes and dislikes. The ADD personality making common sense decisions can find a successful and productive niche for themselves and their families.

One of Albert Einstein's teachers thought he would not amount to anything in his life because of his attention deficit personality. Thomas Edison was rejected by his school because of his attention deficit personality. His mother took him out of the school and home schooled him so that his creativity would not be stifled.

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