Monthly Archive: May 2017

Trump’s Disability

The United States president does have a serious disability. Both personality disorder and cognitive disorder. Interestingly he became decidedly worse soon after the inauguration on January 20th. Mental disabilities don’t develop that fast. Probably...

Jared Kushner Person of Interest

Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of President Donald Trump, is the “person of interest” that has been mentioned in the media in connection with the Russian investigation. This is developing into treason. This story is...

Trump Diplomacy

Trump diplomacy sounds like an oxymoron. Trump is on his first state visit, and it did not take long for Donald Trump to mess it up. Even before he left the United States. The...

Trump’s Impeachment Process Starting

Roger Stone has said that the media will soon attack Donald Trump by saying that he has Alzheimer’s. Something serious is afoot. This is a sure indication that the president is against the ropes. Donald Trump is going down.

Is the 25th Amendment around the corner?
Republicans are pulling away. Soon not even Ryan can defend the paranoid chaos swirling around the president

The impeachment process is slowly starting to roll.

A subpoena is soon to be issued relating to the Comey memo and Trumps Oval Office tapes.

Has Donald Trump Alzheimer’s

“Donald Trump has Alzheimer’s.” That is according to Roger Stone.

This is a very important sign that something bigly serious is going on in the White House.

Three Sevens of Donald Trump

There are three ways to describe Donald Trump in terms of seven:

  • A seventy-year-old man
  • An emotional development of a seven-year-old
  • A seventh grader’s command of the English language

Comey’s Flint Memo

James Comey, the former FBI director who Donald trump fired, had a habit of writing memos after every important meeting, and phone call with Donald Trump.
These memos are going to start the process of unraveling Donald Trump’s presidency.

Donald Trump’s Worst Week

Donald Trump spent last weekend in a state of delusional paranoia, He was shouting at his White House staff blaming them for what he did himself. The previous weekend he was in a bad state. This weekend it got worse.

America’s African President

Is Donald Trump normal, or a dangerous individual?

This is Karma bigly. Slaves were taken from Africa to work in the fields for their masters, now there is a white second generation immigrant ruling the United States like an African despot.