Three Sevens of Donald Trump

There are three ways to describe Donald Trump in terms of seven:

  • A seventy-year-old man
  • An emotional development of a seven-year-old
  • A seventh grader’s command of the English language


Being old carries with it the expectation that the person has learned something in life. This is where the belief in old people’s wisdom comes from. They have been there, done that, messed up and learned their lessons.

Life is too short to learn all the lessons oneself, so younger people should learn from the experience of their elders.

That is how it should be in a perfect world.

And then comes Trump …


Donald Trump behaves like a petulant child. He is a spoiled seven-year-old in a seventy-year-old body.

trump face in a circular image
A petulant child

Trump’s attention span is like that of a little child. Even NATO leaders have to plan and prepare their meeting as if they were planning a kindergarten visit.

The White House staff treat him like an ill-mannered annoying child, trying to appease his pathological ego and keep him occupied so he doesn’t do any damage.

Donald Trump is not like a normal 7-year-old. He behaves like a 7-year-old with Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

7th Grader’s Language Level

Donald Trump keep simplifying the language he uses. He says things very very simply, sometimes it’s bigly simple. Things are great even bigly.

If it’s bad, its “bad, very bad,” or “sad.” Donald Trump has a very limited vocabulary.

Note on bigly:
Bigly is a genuine word in old English, dating back in English literature to the 1400s. It is an adjective meaning:

  • Strongly, violently or with great force
  • Boastfully, haughtily or proudly

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