Hi. My name is John Parke, I hail from South Africa and am married with grown-up children. I am a retired chemist and geochemist with a philosophical bent.

To me being philosophical is not merely knowing, but more importantly understanding. So to me, what someone says is not as important as why that person says it. This is particularly true of the chaotic Trump presidency and the mayhem in the White House Administration.

Carrying this concept of knowing vs. understanding over to politics, I am fascinated by how politicians manipulate the population, as well as why the population, in general, believe politicians, year after year, after year, after year, after …

In Africa, there is plenty of this dynamic: psychopathic leaders followed by blind adoring masses. It happens in Western political systems as well, e.g. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Franco … But Africa has this pathological system as default.

USA Banana Republic

Now the United States of America has gone full turbo mode into becoming a banana republic. I saw this coming during the Republican primaries when Donald Trump knocked out one competent candidate after the other.

I love history, and this Trump administration is history in the making.

There is so much of this Trumpian story that I find mindbogglingly fascinating. This immigrant hating son of a white European immigrant couple from Germany and Scotland, acting like an archetypal African despot ruling the United States of America.

You just could not make this up. So, since I can’t make it up, I decided to follow the daily toings and froings of the Trump story.

How will normal decent rational people deal with this madness? And yes, there are normal decent rational people in the Congress and Senate. The Trump voters in the rust belt states and most of Trump’s voters are normal decent rational people, who believed Donald Trump’s campaign lies.

How will they respond when the Trump presidency unravels? And it surely will. Donald Trump is an unprepared, politically inexperienced, inept, naively deluded, unethical person. Added to that, he has an unstable personality.

This is a real-life reality show.

Trump’s Chaotic Confusion

Unfortunately, my intentions of following the day to day Trumpian chaos were thwarted by the intensity of that chaos. Psychopaths tend to thrive by creating chaos for other people around them. The more power they have the wider they can spread their chaotic confusion. Donald Trump is a classic case study of this.

For example, there may be multiple happenings in one day. Each one would be a crisis lasting weeks or months in a normal presidency. In Trump’s, however, a single crisis might be out of the public’s and media’s consciousness within an hour. Superceeded by a worse crisis.

So instead of letting myself be sucked into the vortex of Trumpian confusion, as entertaining as that may be, I decided to hold onto my sanity. The best way was to step back. Not look at the incidences one-by-one, but rather observe from a distance the Trumpian mayhem.

Trump tweets his mind

Tweeting Twit

Instead of following Trump’s tweets, I will analyze his Twitter account and look at the underlying psychology behind a crazy twit, tweeting his inner id.

Observing Trump’s mental state is easier than trying to keep up with the mayhem he creates in his administration.

  • Is the president mentally deranged?
  • Is he just a plain nasty individual?
  • Or is he an empty being trying to fill his soulless void?

The day-to-day trials of Trump and his staff are confusing. But far simpler is to look at what the Mueller investigation are probably digging into. That investigation at least makes sense.

Taking a look at Trump’s money laundering is an easier task than to keep up with the day-to-day frantic scramble to cover tracks and distract the media that the White house administration spews out every day.

The Russian collusion is another point. The daily media are digging into the details, but there are big questions they don’t consider.

  • Is Donald Trump mentally and emotionally able to collude with Russia?
  • Would a person as shrewd as Vladimir Putin trust Trump enough to collude with him?
  • Is Trump a naive puppet. Or as the Russians would say, “A useful idiot?”
  • Or is it as mundane and simple as being blackmailed?

Well here we go.