America’s African President

Is Donald Trump normal, or a dangerous individual?

The United States is spiraling down to the level of a banana republic with the Republican Party bending over backwards to backup a malignant narcissist leader who is acting like an African despot. Donald Trump is trying to run the USA as if it is his family business.

What is wrong with the President?

Psychiatrists and psychologists have, ever since Barry Goldwater, avoided commenting on the mental health of the United State’s president. Donald Trump has changed all that.

When Barry Goldwater ran as the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 1964 election, 1,000 psychiatrists who had never met with him declared him unfit for office. In 1973 the American Psychiatrists Association adopted the “Goldwater rule,” which prevents psychiatrists from diagnosing someone they have not met.

Then in 1964, clinicians had no Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM) and no detailed diagnoses outlining the criteria for mental health disorders as we have today. Now we have the DSM, giving us a definable set of simple observable behavioral criteria for every mental disorder.

Malignant narcissism has 4 components, each of which has a distinct diagnosis in the DSM-5, the latest version:

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Antisocial Personality
  • Paranoia
  • Sadistic

Trump shows all four in his observable behavior.

There are thousands of hours of videos and tapes of Donald Trump’s interviews and speeches, as well as all the articles covering him with observations from people who know him well and have worked with him. There is so much information about the man in the public domain that he is an open book for any psychologist to assess.

No psychologist could get more information on Donald Trump by restricting the clinical assessment to one-on-one meetings with Trump. Trump is a pathological liar and would run circles around them with avoidant answers, lies, contradicting lies and changing topics mid sentence.

One argument raised to say that Trump does not have personality disorders is a criteria that needs to be met in the diagnoses. That criteria is that the impairment must cause him distress.

Donald Trump is clearly distressed by his personality disorders.
Is he a happy chappy?
When last did he have a natural happy smile?

Look at his face during interviews. He is consumed by his paranoia, vindictive revenge, putting people down, and vainly trying to make himself appear “great.”

In the White House he is furious daily, chaotically mismanaging his staff. he is causing distress to others around him, but that comes from projecting his reality disconnected inner turmoil onto those around him. And that is a trait often found in people with personality disorders.

Donald Trump behaves like an African Despot, like a Mugabe, a Mbasogo, a Charles Taylor, a Kagame, a Dos Santos, a Nguema, a Jammeh, an Idriss Deby or Hissene Habre, an Omar al-Bashir … and so the list goes on.

The United States is slipping into a one-man-and-his-family government because the Republican Party are obsequiously avoiding questioning and checking the unstable Trumpian reality disconnect flowing out of the White House.

The voters who voted for Donald Trump were impressed by his apparent confidence and believed his words and promises.

This is Karma bigly. Slaves were taken from Africa to work in the fields for their masters, now there is a white second generation immigrant ruling the United States like an African despot.

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