Donald Trump has Alzheimer’s

“Donald Trump has Alzheimer’s.” That is according to Roger Stone.

This is a very important sign that something bigly serious is going on in the White House.

trump face in a circular image
Bigly circle of chaos

The Trump presidency is now unraveling at an increasing pace. Impeachment is around the corner. Soon Mike Pence will be the United State’s President. Does the Alzheimer’s story have anything to do with that?

As with all things Trumpian, this is likely an alternative fact, or as the rest of us would say, “untrue.” But these lies are neon signs shouting out that there is something important hidden in Trump World.

Trump does show some signs of Alzheimer’s, the rambling speech, reality disconnect, foggy thinking and his balance, to name a few. These signs were there during the presidential campaign, yet Roger Stone and the alt-right didn’t whisper a single tweet on this condition. In contrast, the alt-right where frothing at the mouth diagnosing Hillary Clinton as having Parkinson’s disease

Roger Stone is a Trumpianista disciple. To people with his faith, Donald Trump is the messiah come to save America, or at the very least save America from the World. If Donald Trump has Alzheimer’s then Roger Stone and the other loyal followers would be the last to admit it. So we can take it as not likely that Trump has Alzheimer’s.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are locked is an ongoing debate about Trump’s mental state, and whether it’s ethical of them to speculate publicly about someone whom they haven’t personally examined. That debate is nonsense. It would be unethical to make a diagnosis of a medical condition based on behavior and attitudes, even if they are fully exposed in the public domain. But Trump’s behavior and attitudes match the diagnosis of several personality disorders. Personality disorders are not medical. They are diagnosed by a set of criteria based on behavior and attitudes.

Whether or not Donald Trump has some or other personality disorder(s) is not subject to some technical niceties in a diagnostic manual. In Trump’s case it is glaringly obvious.

Trump is not a borderline case, he is the full blown turbo-mode version. To say that we cannot diagnose Trump as being a disturbed person unless we are trained and licensed health professionals who have examined him, is like saying we cannot recognize a forest fire unless we are a trained, qualified firefighter and who has gone into the forest to measure the temperature.

There are theories to explain Trump’s bizarre delusional paranoia, besides Alzheimer’s, such as neurosyphilis. Neurosyphilis is an untreated syphilis that has developed over years, been dormant for years and finally attacks the brain. If this is so then Trump will join a long list of crazy leaders who had neurosyphilis, from Alexander the Great to Idi Amin Dada.

Well, Donald Trump does behave like a third world dictator.

And Donald Trump did call syphilis his “personal Vietnam.” So the syphilis speculation has some foundation.

Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist. That means he is a paranoid individual with two personality disorders: narcissistic personality disorder (he shows 9 out of 9 criteria) and antisocial personality disorder.

He has shown the criteria for that, by his consistent behavior, over four decades. It is all in the public domain. He also has a few criteria from other personality disorders thrown into the pot.

This is more than enough to explain Trump’s weird behavior and his pathological lying.

Trump could have early stages of Alzheimer’s, he does have a disconnect from reality and he does have a cognitive problem.

But certain traits in the personality disorder sets of criteria result in a person being disconnected from reality. Trump lives in a dynamic reality that is in constantly flux. As Donald said himself, his mind moves so fast no one can keep up with him.

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