Nervous Trump Loses His Grip

Donald Trump is becoming more nervous and reclusive. He is withdrawing from many in his inner circle.

He is erratic and flopping all over the map. His grip of reality is more bizarre by the day.

Firing the FBI director James Comey was an act of panic. His spokespeople were not prepared. They, including the Vice President Mike Pence, were trying to cover Trump’s back and place the blame on the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Then Trump, for some weird reason blurts out that he decided to fire Comey irrespective of the Attorney General’s recommendations.

This made all those other people look like fools. Either they were lied to by Donald Trump, or they knew the truth and all lied to protect Donald Trump. Either way Donald Trump made them look like idiots.

The President does not tell the White House staff what he is thinking. He assumes they know what he is thinking. After all he knows what he is thinking, so why don’t they. So Donald Trump does not accept the excuse that they were kept in the dark and that they were not given enough time after the announcement of the FBI Director’s firing to come up with a coherent strategy and united message.

The president was furious that they could not defend him in a way that satisfied him. Then he undercuts their efforts by contradicting their united defense.

The West Wing often struggles to keep up with Trump’s mood swings, reality swings and tweets.
Trump’s sabotaging the press office’s statements means that the White House is chronically unable to create a coherent narrative on any important issue.

Or as it was reported from one White House staffer, “It’s not that we don’t know what the president wants to say, it’s that the president doesn’t know what the president wants to say.”

The poor staff end up forced into series of non denial denials to cover their ignorance of what is going on around them.

The White House staff are in panic mode as Donald Trump tweets whatever his vividly paranoid imagination comes up with. The last bizarre tweet was to threaten Comey alluding to their private conversations in the White House had been recorded on tape.

The version of what was said in the meeting between Trump and Comey according to Donald Trump, does not sound plausible. This has been noted by people close to Comey and even Comey himself.

The issue of whether there were tape recordings of the meetings are likely to be another Trumpian lie. He is slip-sliding around this issue, and even his press secretary is nervously avoidant on this topic. This seems like the classic squirming reaction of a pathological liar who has been caught out.

Regarding the firing of the FBI director James Comey, the deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that the president fired the FBI director on the advice of Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, she believed she was saying what actually happened.

“They had come to him (the president) to express their concerns,” she said of the president’s meeting two days previously with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

A journalist asked her, “So it’s the White House’s assertion that Rod Rosenstein decided on his own, after being confirmed, to review Comey’s performance?” Sarah Huckabee Sanders replied without hesitation, “Absolutely.”

Vice President Mike Pence repeated the same version at least seven times that day.

Then, the following day, Trump stunned them all by dramatically contradicting them.

“Regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey.” he told NBC’s Lester Holt in an interview shortly before the next White House press briefing.

Poor Sanders. She was dropped smack down into Trump’s lie. Sanders was forced to apologize to the press. “I went off of the information that I had when I answered your question,” she admitted. “I’ve since had the conversation with him, right before I walked on today, and he laid it out very clearly. He had already made that decision.”

Trump value loyalty to him, but does not show loyalty to others, apart from maybe Ivanka and Jarred. So he comes up with a solution, announcing it, where else, but on Twitter.

The Comey Tapes

Donald Trump Tweeted an intimidating tweet publicly directed at the former FBI director James Comey.

This set off a firestorm in the media. Is Trump recording discussions like “Tricky Dicky” Nixon. Those White house tapes were Nixon’s undoing. Will they be Trump’s? Are there recordings? Is trump bluffing?

Whatever the answers are, this is not how a president of the United States of America behaves. This is more like something from the Sopranos. Trump behaves like a mafia boss, not the president.

Trump then spreads rumors about what was said in the meeting. Comey contradicts Trump.

Comey’s reply to the tape tweet was,”I hope there are tapes.”

Trump is getting stuck in the quicksand of his own making. Now we have Trump’s integrity and honesty vs. Comey’s integrity and honesty. Trump has met his match.

This does not bode well for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has entered a lose-lose match. Whatever Donald Trump does with this issue he is going to lose. And lose bigly.

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