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Trump vs White House Staff

Why was Trump called a moron by his White House staff. And why have no officials denied that he is one.

Trump’s Money Laundering

The media is busy with Trump obstructing justice, but the real story is WHY? Donald Trump appears more and more worried about the Russia connections as time goes on. He behaves as if he...

Nervous Trump Loses His Grip

Donald Trump is becoming more nervous and reclusive. He is withdrawing from many in his inner circle.
Trump is getting stuck in the quicksand of his own making. Now we have Trump’s integrity and honesty vs. Comey’s integrity and honesty. Trump has met his match.
Quote from one White House staffer, “It’s not that we don’t know what the president wants to say, it’s that the president doesn’t know what the president wants to say.”
This does not bode well for Donald Trump.