The Ego has Landed

Two weeks after Hurricane Maria destroyed the island of Puerto Rico, Donald Trump landed in the capital San Juan.

Puerto Rico Disaster

It was not a normal presidential visit to see the devastation of a natural disaster. It was a public relations op for Donald Trump’s ego, because he wanted to show bigly how fantastic his leadership has been to help the people of Puerto Rico.

The reality is that Trump and FEMA were late in sending help, and that help was inadequate. There were also bureaucratic blunders that slowed down relief efforts. The media reported on this and Trump was upset. He needed to correct reality to sooth his sensitive ego. Trump told the Puerto Ricans that the relief efforts were going great. The hurricane was their fault. Desperately needing food and water, ruined houses, no electricity, no sewage, collapsed roads, etc. were irrelevant. Trump was the hero throwing a few rolls of paper towels at the hurricane victims, thereby showing what a great president he is.

Trump criticized the Mayor of San Juan for pleading for help. He threw rolls of paper towels to disaster victims like he was throwing peanuts to animals in a zoo. After briefly talking to a couple of disaster victims he said, “Have a good time” as if they were at a party. The death toll was something to be proud of, the total devastation on the island was not a “real” disaster, and everything was going great. Trump is seriously disconnected from reality.

He left in triumph, or so he thought, leaving behind an island where it will take six to eight months before the whole island will have electricity back. But all is well in Trumps empathy free soul.

Cause of Trump’s Bigotry

Trump kept insulting and putting down Puerto Ricans. Why did he behave in this despicable way?

What is it that gets Donald Trump to treat Puerto Ricans with such disrespect? The answer may be found in his childhood. There the foundation to Trump’s racism and bigotry was laid.

Donald Trump was born in the New York City borough of Queens in 1946. He grew up in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens. White American children in that area in that era, believed that the New York city they knew had been ruined by Puerto Ricans. When Trump was born there were about 70,000 Puerto Ricans in New York. By 1960 there were over 600,000, and by 1970 there were over 800,000.

A cultural clash developed at that time. As an example, the Broadway hit West Side Story is a love story about New York youth gangs with the boy from a white gang and the girl from a Puerto Rican gang. In the movie 12 Angry Men from 1957 there was extreme bigoted language to describe Puerto Ricans. That bigoted language was not restricted to movie scripts, but the script reflected the language and attitudes in the streets of the suburbs of New York when Donald Trump was a child.

This was how white people in Donald Trump’s world spoke openly in public. The narcissistic Trump absorbed this bigotry and hatred that was to become embedded in his nasty psyche.

This why he feels no empathy with disaster victims and immigrants. It also explains why Trump is so keen to expel DACA people.

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