Trump’s Cognitive Decline

Trump in distress
Circle of distress

Donald Trump is showing signs of a serious mental health problem. This is no longer a laughing matter. He is seriously ill, showing cognitive decline, and his staff are trying to pretend that nothing is wrong. For an average  person this would be serious, but for the President of the United States this is dangerous. Not only for the United States, but for the world.

The man is a petulant child.

According to White House staffers Trump  is prone to extreme mood swings, is unpredictable, and flies into blind rages when he does not get his way. He is easily bored and fails to complete tasks  and is confused by basic policy matters. Trump prefers getting important briefings in the form of one page with pictures and as little writing as possible.

Donald Trump is withdrawing into himself. Creating a reality that only exists in his imagination and projecting his delusions onto the rest of the world. His bizarre behavior now shows not only an ignorant, insensitive, boorish buffoon, but has the signs of a serious mental illness.

The last tweet had the world laughing. but the world should be frightened:

tweet says Despite the negative covfefe
The original Covfefe tweet

Looking at Donald Trump’s speech lately, the most likely explanation is that he meant to write “coverage.”

This tweet was up for six hours before Donald Trump woke up. Then he saw that there were masses of comments to the bizarre tweet. But instead of acting presidential and correcting the tweet, Trump acted as a child He tweeted this:

Trump's childish response to the covfefe rweet. Who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe ??? Enjoy!
Trump’s childish response

Donald Trump has personality disorders. He shows signs of dementia. Dementia does affect emotional stability.

Trump shows an increasing lack of understanding of how to behave in serious situations.

At the memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery, the president behaved bizarrely inappropriately during the national anthem. He tapped the beat with his hand over his heart, be swayed and bobbed in time to the music, he sang some of the anthem, and that out of tune.

In Israel, during a press conference he appeared confused, stood up and was about to wander off. He did not seem to know where he was. This episode was similar to the time he was about to sign an executive orders, but stood up and left the room instead.

His behavior and interaction with NATO leaders at the NATO summit was an embarrassment.

His tweets continue to be rambling and incoherent:

Donald Trump tweet
trump’s incoherent tweets

Psychiatrist Bandy Lee said:

What we’re seeing is a creation of his own reality, a reality that will meet Trump’s own emotional needs and the need to impose that reality on others. It is his imperviousness to facts and reality that could place us all at great risk.

Donald Trump and Lies

Donald Trump appears to be a chronic liar who ignores basic facts and the reality the rest of us share. He lives in a fantasy world, where he does not know that he is lying. He thinks he is telling the truth, but his reality is in constant flux. Donald Trump  does not consciously lie. What we hear from Donald Trump are not promises, but the present state of his delusions. These can change minute by minute.

What Donald Trump says are delusions. When we believe he means what he says, then we live in his delusions.

The United  States voters who voted for Trump voted for a delusion. Most of them are decent people who have a basic faith in a man’s word. They were lied to and cheated.

Trump supporters who still believe in Trump are as disconnected from reality as Donald Trump is.

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