Trump’s Islam Speech in Saudi Arabia

President Donald Trump started his whirlwind Middle East tour in Israel. To use a quaint British understatement, it is an embarrassment. As a diplomatic visit, it is a disaster. And that is in the planning stage before he even left the United States.

Next stop is Saudi Arabia, where the highlight is Trump giving a speech. He wants unite the Muslim world with his speech on radical Islam.

So just when we think it can’t get worse, it does. Saudi Arabia is the center of Sunni Islam. They follow Wahhabi Islam;

  • Wahhabism is an ultraconservative reactionary branch of Islam that the European Union has described as the main source of global terrorism.
  • The speech has been written by Stephen Miller a known Islamophobe.
  • The speech will be delivered by Donald Trump who frequently goes off script.

Saudi Arabia is more sensitive to sleights against their faith, than Jews are about Trump banning Netanyahu from accompanying him to the Western Wall.

Spoiler Alert

What can possibly go wrong? The short answer everything. At the time I am writing this Donald Trump has not yet landed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

If Donald Trump, the president, is true to form for this presidency, he will mess it up. Or as the Israelis said yesterday make a “Balagan.|

balagan is someone who messes everything they touch.
Balagan is a mess

Controversy started the moment the Trumps stepped out of Air Force One, Melania Trump was not wearing a headscarf covering her hair. President Trump criticized former first lady Michelle Obama for not wearing a headscarf during the Obama visit to Saudi Arabia two years ago

Then trump tweeted:

Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs. Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted. We have enuf enemies

The Speech

Donald Trump delivered a presidential speech. It was an awesome event to watch live. Donald Trump managed to do what would be expected of a normal president.

He even avoided the phrase he ranted against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for avoiding: “radical Islamic terrorism.”

This speech was not about Islam. It was about diplomacy and, as mentioned in the speech, about business and arms deals. Donald Trump is supposed to help US businesses not negotiate special discounts with other countries.

The Trump of yesteryear, the one who condemned the Saudis as women-haters who “push gays off buildings” and who owe the United States 10 years’ worth of oil, is gone. At least for today. Because yesterday Trump accepted a medal from the Saudi king. Obama bowed. Trump the unbowed refrained from that act. He curtsied instead.

If Donald Trump can now do the same in Israel, Rome, Bruxelles, Malta, and back home the Unites States. Then we can settle down to a world of normal confusion.

Now for Israel, where Trump seems to be already projecting his Trumpian chaos.

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