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Understanding Christianity & Islam - NY Ground Zero Mosque

September 01st, 2010.

Understanding Christianity is an essential first step to understanding the current West-Islam confrontation, especially with the proposed Ground Zero Mosque. The battle is about moral integrity. Many Muslims do not see the United States as being morally entitled to their views.

Having Faith and being religious is not the same thing. Religiousness is a part of a cultural inheritance, while Faith is an individual personal enlightening insight. Going to Church, synagogue or Mosque because parents did, is a form of godliness, but without the power by not acknowledging that God is that power.

Realizing that God is the power changes our worldview. An American Christian who stands firmly on the fundamentals of the Christian Faith, has more in common with a sincerely believing Muslim, than that Muslim has with an Al Qaeda or Taliban fanatic.

The sincere Muslim who believes in God, believes in the virgin birth of Jesus. The Koran mentions Jesus and describes Mary’s virtue and the virgin birth in a number of verses. Amazingly two thirds of Methodist priests and over half of Presbyterian priests in America do not believe in the virgin birth.

No Muslim professing to follow Islam will deny the Quran. It goes, part and parcel, with Islam. Yet, in mainstream Christian denominations priests deny the Bible as their authoritative guide. Asked if they believe in the Bible, the majority will answer “Yes.”

But not if the question is phrased as, “Do you believe that the Scriptures are the inspired and inerrant Word of God in faith, history and secular matters?” Then over 90% of Methodist and Episcopalian priests and over two thirds of Presbyterian and Baptist pastors answer “No.”

This lack of faith and spiritual backbone among so many mainstream Christian ministers pollutes the integrity of all Christians in the eyes of the majority of Muslims.

There are more churchgoers today in America than ever before, yet immorality and crime is higher than ever before. There are more bars serving alcohol in America than all the churches, synagogues, mosques and temples combined. The United States is after all seen as a Christian country by Most Muslims.

From a Muslim view, this justifies their faith, while seeing Christianity as a perversion. People calling themselves Christians, but not living their professed faith are causing this communication breakdown.

In order to debate the proposed mosque two blocks from ground zero, there is a need to retake a moral position, which Christianity has lost in Muslim eyes.

Were the perpetrators of the 9/11 plane crashes followers of Islam?

  • The Koran forbids killing innocent bystanders in a jihad.
  • Jihad is war and taking a planeload of civilians and flying it into a building full of civilians is an act of kufr* and those doing it were kuffar**.
  • The same goes for the suicide bombers in Afghanistan, Israel and Iraq; those are acts of kufr and those doing it are kuffar.
  • Suicide attacks are allowed in a jihad, but only if the enemy does the killing during the jihadi attack. Killing oneself is not allowed according to the Koran and Hadiths.
  • Preparing for a jihadi suicide attack the “suicider” is to remain pure, not visit porno shops and strip clubs, like the 9/11 terrorists apparently did.

* Kufr is an Islamic derogatory term for an act which denies God or a denial of the truth about God. These acts are reasons to expel someone from Islam as a hypocrite.

** Kuffar is a person committing an act of kufr.

We should separate secularized and politicized people of whatever religion from people who believe in God Almighty. Secular Christians make it very difficult to speak sensibly with Muslims. They laugh and dismiss Christianity as hypocrisy.

If Jesus’s birth was not a virgin birth then Jesus was merely another itinerant preacher two thousand years ago. His death was then nothing extraordinary.

If Jesus actual physical resurrection did not take place then Jesus was a false prophet, like David Koresh in Waco Texas in 1993.

Take these two foundational beliefs away and Christianity makes no sense.

The Bible does not make any sense then either.

Ministers in mainstream Christian denominations can have any opinion they like.

As private individuals they do not need to believe in the foundational principles of the Christian Faith.

But then they should not stand in the pulpits.

Why did they choose their profession if they do not believe?

These hypocrites make speaking to Muslims very difficult and confusing.

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