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The Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery

The anti-aging wishes of the not-so-young-anymore celebrities drive them to quick fix cosmetic surgery. The irony of this is that cosmetic surgery actually speeds up the aging process. Not only that, but the areas operated on can look up to twenty years older than the non operated areas, leaving the person with an odd looking body, patchy with blemishes and dimples where they are not wanted.

There is a long list of medicines and surgical procedures, which in the short term appear good, but in the long term reveal side effects and other problems. Carcinogens for example do not have an immediate result, but can take up to twenty years before the cancer develops. Smoking is an example of this.

We read in the media of the cosmetic surgery celebrities undergo. Most of the time we see the positive effects. Maybe this celebrity “advertising” together with the worship of the body beautiful in Western society, has encouraged many people with a low self esteem to try and improve their looks through cosmetic surgery.

The initial effects of cosmetic surgery are often stunning. Sagging skin looks taught and youthful; tummy tucks and liposuction give a trimmer appearance, without the need of exercise. However these procedures can speed up the aging process in the long term.

This is trying to cure the symptom instead of the cause. Many times the symptom is in the mind. Celebrities who are constantly in the paparazzos' glare might be excused some vanity, but non celebrities need to take a long and hard look, not at what the surgeons promise, but at what the results are like after a few years.

The quality of the skin that has been ripped up and placed back again, degenerates relatively quickly, far quicker than it would do naturally. Scar tissue is never as healthy as the original untouched tissue. There is a limit to which the skin and muscles can be pulled, tightened and mangled.

Over bones, which give support to the skin, it is possible to make the skin look firm, but over the softer parts, like cheeks and round the mouth the degeneration can be swifter.

The skin’s health is dependent to a large degree to the blood supply to the skin cells. There will still be a blood supply to the skin tissue, but not as it was originally, nor will the skin be as thick as it was originally, hence less volume, and so giving it an aged appearance.

The lack of blood affects the skin’s elasticity and hence the sagging, requiring poison to be injected (e.g. Botox). This gives an initial appearance of volume, but does nothing for facial expressions. The face is left with an artificial look.

80% of people who have received cosmetic surgery are disappointed by the results after a few years.

Liposuction leaves the body looking uneven, and if the person continues with the same lifestyle, new fat has to be stored somewhere. Lumps appear elsewhere's. There is truth in the old adage, “No pain, no gain.” Liposuction is not some miraculous cure all. And if one has to change one’s lifestyle after, then is it not better to change it before one subjects ones body to a mauling?

New methods are appearing on the market, but without a long-term trial, like a few years, none is safe.

The major drawback to these methods is the disturbance of blood circulation. Once the skin is cut and separated from underlying tissue, there is an accelerated aging.

So what is the solution? Trite as it may sound, it is a healthy lifestyle. This is obviously not a solution for the celebrities of the West. For the rest of us, the answer is to feel good about ourselves, have a high self-esteem and accepting the undisputable fact that we do get older over time. The need for cosmetic surgery should be a warning sign that we have the wrong priorities.

It is after all, it is the inner person who is who we are, and not this outer shell we walk around in.

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