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Clinton Troopergate election advert blunder

May 12th, 2008

Is She or Isn't She?

Today West Virginia is the arena for the latest contest between the Democratic Party's candidates. The big question is if Hillary Clinton will finally throw in the towel, or will they continue battering their party's image?

Was her slip of the tongue, while campaigning in the state, an admission that she has given up? She was quoted as saying, “All the kitchen table issues that everybody talks to me about are ones that the next president can actually do something about, if he actually cares about it,” and then quickly added, “More likely if she cares about it.”

Hillary Clinton is expected to win by a good margin in West Virginia's primary, and in Kentucky on Tuesday the 20th May, according to the website. She might then pull out of the race after a good showing. Her campaign funds have been used up; in fact her campaign is $21 million in debt.

However one tries to calculate the nominations, she has lost the pledged delegates, and is highly unlikely to win over enough of the super delegates, as more of these super delegates are opting for Barack Obama.

Even though the two candidates appear to be winding down their campaigns of mutual self destruction, there still appear snippets of amateurish mud slinging. The latest of these appeared in an advert on the Clinton website ( With all the razz-a-matazz and million Dollar funds, it is amazing that something like this picture can still appear. It is in a video ending with the statement by Hillary Clinton, “I'm Hillary Clinton, and I approve this message.”

Her staff appear politically as self destructive as Pakistani Jihadist “suiciders”.

This is such blatant arrogance, from a group that criticised Obama for being an elitist. It begs the questions, “Are the Clinton campaign staff elitists, assuming the voters are undiscerning and naive, and does Hillary Clinton know what she is approving?” Not only do the headline and the article come from different sources, even a nine year old using the Windows “Paint” programme could do a better job. But who came up with using an article about the “Troopergate” scandal from 15 years ago? That was the scandal about the allegations by two Arkansas state troopers, that they had arranged sexual liaisons for Bill Clinton, while he was Governor of Arkansas, and the sexual harassment lawsuit brought against President Clinton by Paula Jones.

troopergate article used in Clinton fraudulent advert

If the exchanges we have witnessed these last few months are how political “friends” behave, then we are probably in for a dirty election campaign this autumn.

It appears Obama has already started his offensive, if his itinerary for the next few week is a guide. He is not doing anything about the primaries in West Virginia and Kentucky, and is expected to win in the final states of Oregon, Montana, and South Dakota next month. He is planning to visit Missouri, a general election swing state, on Tuesday, then Michigan on Wednesday and next week, while Clinton is winning in Kentucky, Obama will visit Florida, a key state in the November presidential elections.

The problem with political jokes is they get elected.

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