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Natural Cancer Cures Suppressed

September 18th, 2008

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today announced law enforcement actions challenging advertising of alternative cancer cures. This shows the latest steps in the attempt to prevent alternatives to the pharmaceutical industry's products.

The FTC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are threatening suppliers of alternative health products and health supplements. They state that there is no scientific proof these products work in curing cancer. This is neither a scientific statement nor logical. It also shows a lack of understanding of what cancer is.

This is part of an attempt to financially cripple the alternative supplements market through threats. There are natural alternative treatments which are safer, more efficacious and cheaper than the expensive pharmaceutical industry's drugs.

The natural cures do not necessarily work in every case. Neither do the pharmaceutical industry's drugs, as the many cancer deaths of patients taking their drugs attest to. The FTC charged the companies with making unsupported claims that their products cured or treated one or more types of cancer. That is precisely what the big pharma is doing all the time. There is no medicine which can guarantee a cancer cure. It is standard, if one treatment does not work, to try another until a treatment is found which works.

With natural alternative cancer treatments, there is an attempt at treating the cause, not the result, which is the immune system not coping. There are thousands of causes for cancer, so naturally, some cancers are easier to cure than others. In addition, different people have different immune systems, and so respond differently to treatments. We also differ in metabolism and the same dose of a cancer drug is not safe for everyone.

To state as the FTC does, that if someone is on a cancer cure and dies, then that cure is, bogus, is to confuse the issue. If they really believed that then the FTC should shut down the pharmaceutical industry.

Cancer is a process which is taking place all the time in our bodies. It is not like a virus, where eliminating the virus mean the person is free from the condition. The cancer process is kept in check by our immune system. When a person “gets cancer” that person's immune system has lost the advantage in the constant battle against something foreign in the body, or cells out of control.

Researchers from Wake Forest University of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C. tested the effectiveness of granulocytes by collecting the cells from blood samples of more than 100 people. They then added these cells to cultures of cervical cancer cells.

They found that the effectiveness of granulocytes varied widely from person to person, and also that it tended to vary over time for each individual. Within 24 hours, for example, the granulocytes from one person killed 97 percent of the cervical cancer cells in a sample, while the granulocytes from another killed only 2 percent. The researchers found that granulocytes were less effective in those over the age of 50, and significantly hampered in people who had cancer. Stress also reduced the cells' effectiveness, and their cancer-fighting potential was highest in summer.

Cancer drugs are highly toxic substances which kill the cancer cells dead. The fact that patients under treatment feel very sick indicates that more than the cancer cells are affected by the toxic drugs. There is a balance between killing the cancer cells, but not the patient. Sometimes that feels like a fine line to the patients.

Natural alternatives work through building up the immune system to enable it to take control and have the advantage again. Cancer is an immune sickness. Since the immune system is highly complex and each person's metabolism is different, it is obvious that not every alternative treatment will work for every cancer patient. A natural holistic cure approach brings together complementary treatments which strengthen the effect.

Our diet plays an important part in combating cancer on an everyday level. Minerals such as selenium and zinc are anti-cancer minerals. Antioxidants which minimize free radicals in our cells are anti-cancer prophylactics. Vitamin D, for example, is a preventative and therapeutic anticancer agent. This is published in peer-reviewed science journals such as Nature.

In spite of all the published scientific evidence to support vitamin D, the American Cancer Society (supporting the pharmaceutical industry) urges caution in interpreting the findings, saying it was premature to recommend taking vitamins to reduce cancer risk.

Other natural anti-cancer nutrients are found in bean sprouts, broccoli, green tea, certain seaweeds, cabbage, garlic, onions, and a host of raw fruit and vegetables.

Science advances by visionaries experimenting and trying alternatives. That is how alternative medicine and alternative treatments develop. Many of our common medicines, like Aspirin, were developed from natural products.

The FTC, wants to stop anyone from advertising on a website that there are such things as anti-cancer nutrients.

The pharmaceutical industry is not curing cancer, that is clear. Cancer is a multi billion Dollar industry. It is not in the pharmaceutical companies' interests to have a natural cancer cure, as that would threaten their cancer toxin drug business.

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