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Jewel of Medina Published

October 6th, 2008

Controversial Novel of Mohammed and Child Bride to be Published

A novel about the Muslim Prophet Mohammed and his child bride Aisha, has been released in Britain this month.

The Gibson Square publishing house, said it was “imperative” that “Jewel of Medina: A Novel” by American author Sherry Jones be available to the public.

The book is a fictional account of Mohammed's relationship with Aisha, his child bride. The story follows her life from the age of six to the prophet's death.

Random House announced last month that it had cancelled publication of the book in the United States, saying it had been informed the book could incite violence.

In Serbia the book was quickly withdrawn from bookshops after the local Muslim community protested.

However, following an attempted arson attack on the offices of the British publisher, Beaufort Books have agreed to publish The Jewel of Medina.

Three men were arrested in London, by armed officers from the Metropolitan Police in a planned operation. The men, who have been remanded in custody, were arrested under the Terrorism Act.

Speaking on the subject of offending Muslims, the author said, “Anyone who reads the book will see that it honours the prophet and his favourite wife.”

Her agent, Natasha Kern, said, “The book is a wonderful and inspiring love story.”

The publishing director at Gibson Square, Martin Rynja, said that “In an open society there has to be open access to literary works, regardless of fear. As an independent publishing company, we feel strongly that we should not be afraid of the consequences of debate.”

What is missing in the debate is Muslim Imams denouncing the irrational, violent and hateful responses by off-their-rockers Islamonuts. Here is a historical fiction about something that all Muslims with their marbles intact, accept and acknowledge to be historical fact.

A huge gulf is developing between the West and the Ummah, as the Western media is filled with visions of hate contorted Muslim faces, demonstrating against acts by some impudent Western Atheists. That these Western Atheists meant to spark a reaction with cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed was clear. Their arrogant, inane and puerile act was meant to be offensive. The Muslims who demonstrated brought Islam to the same degradingly low level of human behaviour in the eyes of many in the West.

Respect for other religions is vital if we are to work together in a globalised world. That fundamentalist Atheists do not show respect is understandable, as their faith is characterised by a lack of something the rest of humanity value. Religiously, the fundamentalist Atheist is akin to a psychopath, as no traits characterise a psychopath, but are defined by their lack of character traits, such as compassion and conscience, found in the rest of society.

By remaining quiet, the sensible Imams are doing a disservice to the image of Islam and the Ummah before the non-Muslim people of the world. This type of behaviour is typical of cults and should not be condoned in a religion with any faith in their Faith.

Eid al-Fitr

As worshipers left two Shia mosques, after prayers for Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan, in Baghdad; suicide bombers blew themselves and at least 20 worshipers up in another insane attack. At least 54 people were wounded.

Attacks took place in other parts of Iraq killing and injuring scores of other worshipers after attending Eid al-Fitr prayers.

We hear often in the West, that Islam is a peaceful religion. Why then do they choose special holy days and mosques to carry out their vile acts? And why Kill fellow Muslims? Do they ever read the Koran?

These so called Islam fundamentalists are insane followers of mad cults. If they are examples of Islam's Ummah, then there is no excuse for those claiming a peaceful Islam. If they are not an example of the Ummah, then it is about time the Imams start writing fatwas against them.

Militant Muslims, for some strange reason, think Muslim Holy Days are suitable to blow up other Muslims.

Since they are obviously not reading Muhammad's Koran, who's Koran do they have as their Holy Book?

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