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Quack Addict Ducks High on Grass

November 21st 2010

French police raided the farm of French farmer Michel Rouyer near the village of Gripperie-Saint-Symphorien in the West of France. There they found 12 marijuana plants and 24lbs (11Kg) of the cannabis ready for use. The police were stunned when told these French ducks were given cannabis to rid them of worms.

Shocked at the police reaction, the farmer Michel Rouyer tried to explain to the police that the drug was for medicinal purposes; he fed it to his ducks for deworming. His ducks do not have worms and are in excellent health.

In court the farmer explained that there was no better substance for deworming ducks and he had been advised to do so by a specialist. His lawyer backed up his claim that his ducks were worm free.

The police stated they had never heard of such an excuse before, but then maybe they were not poultry experts.

The farmer was fined 500 Euro (£428, $684) and given a one-month suspended jail sentence.

His final words on the matter were that he gave most of the marijuana to his 150 ducks, but did admit that he had smoked some of it himself.

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