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Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested

August 21st, 2010

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has been arrested in his absence for rape and molestation in Sweden. He claims he is innocent and will hand himself in to the Swedish police today.

He is at present still in Sweden on Wikileaks business, arranging the Wikileaks server network. Swedish law is among the strongest in the world for the protection of whistleblowers. While in Sweden Assange lectured, including a lecture, “The First Victim in War is Truth,” to a group within the Swedish Social Democrat Party.

He says the allegations are false. He was unaware of the accusations until he saw a report about them in the Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen. Early this morning he had still not heard from the police.

This is the stuff conspiracy theories are made of. He has previously been accused of living a lavish lifestyle in expensive hotels during his last visit to Sweden, when he in actual fact slept on a mattress on the floor in an office.

According to the tabloid Expressen, two women, aged between 20 and 30, went to the police for advice and did not want to lay charges against Assange. The police however decided to press charges.

Wikileaks and Assange Conspiracy Theories

Already there are a number of facts, which will start the conspiracy theories rolling.

  • He found out about the accusations from a tabloid newspaper.
  • According to Swedish law, his identity should not have been revealed.
  • Why had the police not contacted him first? Many people around him knew where he was and was not in hiding.
  • The women had Assange’s mobile/cell telephone number.
  • One of the women was his press secretary during his stay in Sweden.
  • The other woman met Assange in another town, Enköping during the middle of the week. He knew nothing about her background, yet had a “one night stand” with her.
  • The women said they “feared his power.” Of Assange? He is a man who has not come across as the type of person one is afraid of (unless one is in the CIA, Pentagon or White House).
  • Assange is not known as a molester and rapist, yet here he is accused twice in a week, at a sensitive time for his Wikileaks.
  • Assange has applied for Swedish residency to be protected by Swedish law for his Wikileaks work. Raping women would not help with this application.
  • Assange expected dirty tricks to be used against him, including false accusations, therefore he is unlikely to go on a rape spree.
  • Assange is no fool and is aware that certain forces are out to get him and nobody is in a molestation or rape situation without knowing that what he is doing is wrong.
  • On the other side; the CIA is well known for dirty tricks.

All this makes the conspiracy theories plausible.

The other side is uncovered in The Women's story.

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