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Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Cleared of Rape Charges

The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, has been cleared of rape charges in Sweden. He is free to travel, but the molestation or harassment charges are still being investigated. The two women involved are still being questioned.

The Director of prosecutions in charge of the case, Marianne Ny says, “No stone will be left unturned.” This is technically not correct, a terminological inexactitude, if you will, because there is one stone that she insists on not turning, and that is contacting Assange himself. The “investigation” is still being conducted in such a way as to give the appearance of a determination to find Assange guilty. The only question is how to fix it.

No wonder this has given rise to conspiracy theories.

Wikileaks Conspiracy Uncovered | False Accusation

As it happened, Assange and the Wikileaks Swedish conspiracy. The false accusation. Assange guilty until proven innocent.

Is Assange innocent? Probably, and this opinion is mainly because of the timing. How many accusations of sexual harassment has Julian Assuage been accused of? Now two accusations within a week, and at a sensitive time like this. Too much coincidence. Then there is the woman who is the driving force behind the accusation. An interesting mix.

The politicians suspected of being involved included the Minister of Justice and two Prime Ministers.

Wikileaks is planning on releasing more government and military documents about the war in Afghanistan, on its web site. The White House and the Pentagon are desperate to stop the publication. Could they be trying to sully the public face of Wikileaks, and thereby Wikileaks’ image.

Last week Sweden's Pirate Party, which already hosts the controversial file sharing site Pirate Bay, signed an agreement under which the Swedish political party will now host Wikileaks’ servers under the political party’s protection.

Anna Troberg, the Swedish Pirate Party’s deputy party leader said, “Wikileaks will place there servers together with the Pirate Party’s servers, and the Pirate Party’s IT technicians will maintain and take care of these servers and we will make sure that they are always connected to the Internet.”

Wikileaks’ servers are situated in a number of countries, meaning that shutting the site down has proven to be nearly impossible.

Since the Pirate Party will now become host of one of many of Wikileaks’ mirror servers, having the protection of a political party will insulat Wikileaks from governments trying to shut it down. It is legally and politically difficult for Swedish prosecutors to authorize raids and seizures of the property of political parties as opposed to an organization.

Julian Assange applied for Swedish residency during his visit to be protected by Swedish law for his Wikileaks work. An editor who is a Swedish resident is covered by these laws as well.

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