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Wikileaks Conspiracy - Assange Extradition

December 16th, 2010

The continuing saga about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and his Swedish sexcapades is getting curiouser and curiouser. There is more to the story than mainstream media reveal. The second woman might be more than she seems. She could be the honey trap setting up Assange.

The first woman, Anna Ardin, his press secretary, was hoping to have something deeper together with Julian Assange. After their night together (when the condom incident happened) she tweeted very happily. She did not behave in any way suggesting that there was anything wrong between them. The night after the “sexual molestation” condom incident, Ardin hosted a crayfish party in Assange’s honour. Two days later Ardin was still happily Assange’s press secretary. It was only after she went to the police that someone else took over as press secretary..

The condom incident is not something Interpol usually puts on a “most wanted” list. The condom story can be summed up like this. They had consensual sex with a condom as they consensually agreed to. During the act the condom split. She says he did it on purpose, he says it was an accident. Maybe they should sue the manufacturer.

Assange continued to stay with her in her Stockholm flat after the incident and Ardin gave no indication of distress, during the following days.

At a seminar Assange held, organised by Anna Ardin, Sophia Wilen appeared on the scene, being very conspicuous. After the talk, Assange and a few male friends went to a restaurant for lunch. Wilen tagged along. She flirted with Assange, and after lunch the two went to see a movie. What was Julian Assange thinking? She came from nowhere, known by nobody in the group organising Assange’s Sweden visit, invited herself to lunch and ended up being fed Swedish crisp bread with cheese by Assange.

Sophia Wilen kept phoning and SMSing to meet Assange again. A few days later, they did meet again. They travelled to her home in Enkoping where they spent the night together. Julian Assange should really be careful with whom he sleeps.

At Wilen’s home, after having, as previously agreed, consensual sex with a condom (which did not break) they fell asleep in the same bed. Assange woke up with an erection and pressed it into Wilen’s back. This is not unusual behavior the world over for a couple who have made love a few hours before, but it one of the charges Sweden wants him extradited for. It is described on the charge sheet as molesting her in a way “designed to violate her sexual integrity.” She still went out and bought breakfast, accompanied Assange to the railway station in Enkoping and bought him a ticket back to Stockholm.

Accusation Against Assange

A few days later Wilen contacted Ardin and told her that she had been sleeping with Assange. Ardin, who thought she had a special relationship with Assange was in shock. She contacted Julian Assange and told him to fetch his things and move out of her flat. Here things get murky. Earlier it appeared that Ardin was the one pushing Wilen to lay a rape charge, but if the story of the SMS communication between the women is true, then Wilen could have been leading the emotional Ardin on.

These SMSes are critical in the extradition hearings, but Sweden is not bringing them to court as the whole case will then be laughed out of court.

Soon after the women visited the police, the news was leaked to a Swedish newspaper, the Expressen, and an hour later, the prosecutor confirmed it. This does not happen in a normal case of this nature in Sweden.

Very quickly after this Wilen efficiently removed traces of herself from the Internet, or she had help in doing so. Ardin on the other hand tried the same, but in an amateurish way, not being aware of the viral nature of Facebook and Twitter, she left a trail behind her, which showed her in a bad light in the context of the rape accusations. Especially the blog post where she described how to exact revenge on a cheating lover by using the legal system.

Ardin has probably regretted the accusations, and does not want anything more to do with the affaire. She is now in Palestine working with women’s groups on the West Bank.

Sweden is shooting itself in the foot by pursuing Assange. Sweden is behaving like a lackey of the United States. Swedish neutrality is long gone. It is not Julian Assange on trial, but the Swedish legal system. There need to be serious questioning of the motivation for these extradition proceedings.

Sweden’s prosecutor Marianne Ny has turned a prosecution into a persecution. Marianne Ny knows the women made this story up. Ardin and Wilen “sought advice” from he police. This is a technique used in Sweden to avoid being accused of making false complaints. They sought advice together, having worked together and tainted each other's evidence beforehand. Their SMS texts to each other show a plan to contact the Swedish newspaper The Expressen beforehand in order to maximise the damage to Assange.

As Assange’s Australian lawyer, James Caitlin, puts it:

“Consensual sex can be rape, according to Borgström (the lawyer representing the women) and Ny – but the alleged victims don’t decide – they do.” The new laws which establish these ‘precedents’ are not yet on the books – but it’s Marianne Ny’s intention to make the Assange affair into a test case for that purpose. ”In other words: Marianne Ny wants to try Julian Assange for something that wasn’t a crime when it took place.”

Sexual molestation and rape are serious crimes. We should have no pity for men who commit these acts, but neither should we have compassion for women who falsely accuse someone of these crimes.

Assange has received support from an unexpected direction; feminists. Naomi Wolf posted a humorous article in The Huffington Post, asking Interpol to apprehend every man who behaved like narcissistic jerk towards his date. She also commented on Sweden's serial negligence in prosecuting real rapists. The Swedish women’s organization “Women Against Rape” asked why Assange’s case was being pursued with such zeal, when they are not nearly as efficient with really serious rape cases.

Actually it is not Assange who is guilty for leaking these documents. He is only the messenger. It is the United States authorities. What sort of national security system do they have when millions of people have access to this information? Bradley Manning, the private who leaked these documents to Wikileaks in the first place, was disciplined two times during training for breaches of security. His officers should have been aware that he was not psychologically and motivationally suitable for the work he was doing.

Bradley Manning’s chain of command are guilty, he should never have been given his posting.

Rape is a serious crime and rapists deserve harsh penalties. Women who falsely accuse men should also be punished, and prosecutors who allow themselves to be political stooges and play roles in political conspiracies should be fired.

But where does that leave Julian Assange in jail waiting for extradition or bail? A poll in Time magazine had Assange on the top of the list for most influential person in 2010. Russian Prime Minister Putin suggested he be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Hillary Clinton is probably preparing a kennel for him at Guantanamo Bay.

Conspiracy theories anyone? All the juicy bits are uncovered starting in Wiki leaks founder’s rape story - What really happened?.

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