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Wikileaks Conspiracy Uncovered | The Morning After

This is a continuation from Wikileaks conspiracy uncovered, the false accusation.

Saturday the 21st August, 2010

Julian wakes up and is told that he is front page news, wanted for rape, and a warrant for his arrest has been issued.

The prosecutor-General, Anders Perklev, acted quickly. As Julian Assage would generate a lot of attention he took the case away from the weekend duty Prosecutor, Maria Kjellstrand, and appointed Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne to handle the case.

The docket was sent to her country residence. After examining the file, Eva Finne promptly withdrew the warrant for the arrest of Julian Assange, and said that there were no grounds to suspect him of rape. A charge of molestation remained, but as a misdemeanour. She did not clarify if the molestation was of a sexual nature or not.

The blogosphere went into overdrive as rumour followed rumour. The standard was that the CIA and the Pentagon lay behind the false charges. The terms “spy trap,” “sex trap,” and “honey trap” were common phrases being used.

Julian Assange said he had no idea who these women were as he has only had consensual sex. Apparently he was unaware of their intentions to go to the police. It is worth a reminder here that Ms A was Julian Assange’s press secretary during his Sweden stay. Assange admitted that he had had intimate relations while in Sweden, but refused to elaborate, saying that was private.

The first reports, while it was still a rape case, quoted one of the women, Ms A, saying they went to the police, as they were afraid of Assange. After the arrest warrant had been cancelled and the Chief Prosecutor had quashed the rape charge, Ms A denied the earlier reports, emphasising they both had had consensual sex and were at no time afraid of Assange or felt threatened by him in any way.

Now, since they denied having been raped, they had only gone to the police for advice on:

  • What does one do if a condom breaks during sex?
  • What does one do if one is worried if one has been infected with a STD (Sexually transmitted Disease)?

Ms A was quoted as saying: “It is quite wrong that we were afraid of him. He is not violent and I do not feel threatened by him. It is only a problem with a man who has a twisted view of women”.

There is an alternative interpretation, based on Ms A’s misandrist blogs, and that is that the problem is a woman who does not understand men. The other woman, Ms W, was probably not clear in her communication, maybe being a bit timid or unsure of herself.

These situations happen in relationships daily, the world over, and are sorted out in an adult manner between the partners, not by running to the police.

The focus had now shifted to whether the first prosecutor was incompetent and how it was possible to arrive at such different conclusions with the same facts. In a bizarre interview with Al Jazeera, the Sweden's prosecution authority's spokesperson, gave an impression of being hard, bureaucratic, lacking empathy and plain dishonest. This might have been acceptable in Sweden, but did not look good in the outside world.

What more information could there have been on the Saturday morning to cancel the rape charge? They had only the women's original story, who had not been interviewd by the police again that night. They had not heard Assange's version.

No new information could have come in. There were no witnesses ... unless the police were bugging Ms A's and/or Ms W's homes, or Julian Assange.

The bizarre interview.

The Conspiracy Begins

So far, on the surface, there does not seem to have been a conspiracy.

  • Ms A appears at this stage to be a woman blinded by a burning desire for revenge on her cheating boyfriend, Assange.
  • Ms W appears at this stage to have innocently found herself as the “other woman” in a love triangle, and is used as a tool by Ms A to exact her revenge.

Alternatively, what do we know of these women?

  • Ms A is an active politician, who is involved in many –isms. She was expelled from Cuba for antigovernment activity, an organiser of the “Ships to Gaza” incident, a member of the Christian Brotherhood Movement of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, a Christian Islamic sympathiser, radical feminist and in the HBT (homosexual Bisexual Transsexual) scene, she started a lesbian disco on the island of Gotland. She is also an animal rights activist. Many varied activities that do not all seem to be related.
  • Ms W appeared from nowhere, was known personally by none in Assange’s circle, invited herself to the lunch and seduced Assange, although he was quite happy to be seduced. Then she followed this up by telling intimate thing to a stranger, Ms A, who then responded according her previous behaviour pattern. Could that have been predicted?

Leaving that aspect of a possible setup, the authorities took advantage of the situation. A month earlier, Swedish intelligence was approached by the United States and pressured not to let Sweden be a safe haven for WikiLeaks and allowing Wikileaks to set up servers in Sweden. Sweden could not do anything legally to prevent that.

In Swedish law, the police and the police Intelligence Unit can legally bug anybody who is suspected of a crime that results in a jail sentence of at least two years. Rape is one such crime.

If Julian Assange was suspected of rape he could be bugged. Putting him in jail would be pointless, but allowing him to walk free, gives them the opportunity to eavesdrop on his activities, not only with Wikileaks, but also with the Pirate Party. The police could not bug a political party, but they could bug Assange, listen to his phone conversations, read his emails and record his contact with the Pirate Party.

Normally in the case of rape in Sweden, the suspect is arrested as soon as possible and jailed; he is interviewed as soon as possible and his identity is kept secret until convicted. None of these points were followed in the case of Assange.

Tuesday 24th August, 2010

The women got a legal representative, Ms A’s political party comrade, attorney Claes Borgstrom. This was at first sight a strange choice for a radical feminist who hates cheating men. Claes Borgstrom dumped his wife after cheating on her. Ms A knew that as she personally knows Borgstrom. But that little detail was outweighed by him being a supporter of radical feminism and was a driving force to bring the present radical feminist view into Sweden’s vague rape laws.

Asked why he was representing them as the women both denied that it was rape, Borgstrom replied, “Yes, but they are not lawyers.”

Julian Assange turned to media star attorney, Leif Silbersky.

Besides the authorities interest in stopping Wikileaks, an eclectic group of career feminists gather around the case, like flies to dung.

There is Ms A, the investigating police officer G the women’s lawyer Claes Borgstrom and Marianne Ny. All the prosecutors handling this case are women. Do they not have in Sweden, even a token male prosecutor to give an air of gender equality?

Wednesday 25th August 2010

Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne says she believes the story Ms W told the police, but there are no grounds for rape.

Together with leif Silbersky, Julian Assange reiterates that he is judicially and morally innocent and the charges have caused great damage to Wikileaks and to himself personally

Friday 27th August 2010

Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne says she believes the story Ms W told the police, but there are no grounds for rape.

Late on the Friday afternoon, Claes Borgstrom appeals the Chief Prosecutor’s decision, and files for two cases of rape.

Julian Assange is questioned by the police where he is asked if he made a hole in a condom on purpose. He denied this, saying it was an accident. The interview was published in the tabloid, Expressen. This again is highly unusual. The police do not publicise their questioning of suspects in this public manner.

Wednesday 1st September, 2010

Ms A is once again in the news. She strongly defends her blog post she had taken down, after her identity became known, the one where she published a guide on how to exact revenge on a cheating boyfriend.

The Swedish Director of Public Prosecution Marianne Ny decided to reopen the investigation and took over from Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne. Marianne Ny said in her statement, “There is reason to believe that a crime has been committed. Considering information available at present, my judgement is that the classification of the crime is rape.” This was for the case of Ms W. Ms A remained for the time being molestation.

Marianne Ny says, “No stone will be left unturned.” From now on there is an effort to find Assange guilty, somewhere, somehow. The women are interviewed again a number of times, but there is no interest in interviewing Assange to hear his side of the story. The investigation is conducted in such a way as to give the appearance of an assumption of Assange’s guilt the only question is how to fix it.

One stone that they do not turn is contacting Assange himself. The entire rape investigation was conducted without any input from the suspect. In fact the police refused to inform him whether there was a warrant out for him or not or what the specific charges were.

From this point on there is a status quo, where Assange is on hold and the case is kept open. They have him where they want him. No progress is made in the “investigation.”

Nothing much happens for about a week. At least not in public. Conspiracy theories take root when authorities, for no obvious reasons, act contrary to their regular routines, which they are normally sticklers to follow. This is a prime example of one such fertile conspiracy theory situation.

Since there was a dearth of real news in the case, news had to be invented. There were reports that Wikileaks were asking Assange to step down. In view of the fact that the media could not contact any of the people working fulltime at Wikileaks, they interviewed a Wikileaks supporter, Birgitta Jonsdottir, who was good for some anti-Assange quotes. It is possible that some Wikileaks personnel were privately frustrated that Julian Assange got himself into this predicament, but asking him to step down?

Wikileaks is organised by Assange, then there are 5 (five) individuals working fulltime and a few hundred volunteers who contribute as much of their time as they can. The media do not know the identities of the five. Birgitta Jonsdottir is one of the few hundred supporters. She has done valuable work for Wikileaks, but her interviews were twisted to give an impression that the Wikileaks organisation was planning a coup to oust Assange. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is news and there is no-news-news. This coup plot was no-news-news.

Tuesday 7th September, 2010

To keep the pressure up, Ms A's molestation charge against Assange was changed to rape. Claes Borgstrom had succeeded.

Julian Assange meanwhile had difficulty contacting his star lawyer Silbersky, who was busy with a high profile trial. Feeling that he needed a more committed legal representative he changes attorneys and requests Bjorn Hurtig.

Hurtig was more proactive. He tried to find out what restrictions Assange was under, but Marianne Ny was evasive and did not answer. This if anything indicated that they had nothing on Assange. Asange wanted to remain in Sweden in order to clear his name and reputation. Hurtig thought that was wise as the twists and turns in this story have not made sense.

Saturday 18th September, 2010

Julian Assange’s lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig said he had been informed that Assange was free to leave Sweden, after prosecutors said there was no arrest warrant against him for the alleged case of rape.

Hurtig said that an investigation was still under way, but Assange had been given no summons for questioning.

The women were still being interviewed. One was interviewed the day before, Friday the 17th September, and the second woman on the following Monday.

We are sure not to have heard the last of this story.

Charles Wilson

September 20th, 2010

Quote: “It is not sufficient to have good laws, the country's culture must also be behind those laws,” Julian Assange during his Sweden visit.

Quote during an interview with the lawyer representing Ms A and Ms W, Claes Borgstrom:

Journalist: “The women deny that it was rape.”

Claes Borgstrom:Yes, but they are not lawyers.”

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