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Wikileaks Assange and Conspiracy Theories

September 1st, 2010

Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange has been surprisingly re-accused of rape in Sweden. This is a strange twist. Is the USA leaning on the Swedish authorities, which are giving in to the pressure? It will not be the first time they do that.

Just when the conspiracy theory is starting to look like a revenge on a promiscuous man by a radical feminist woman scorned, back comes the “rape” label and the conspiracy theory circus starts again.

When Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was accused of rape, this news was bound to explode over the Internet as CIA and Pentagon conspiracies. The strange behaviour of the accusing women did not help to give clarity to the story, rather giving more fodder to the rumour mill and conspiracy theorists.

Even the fact that the lady who drove the accusation, Ms A, has a cousin who is a lieutenant Colonel serving in Afghanistan was used as support for the wikileaks conspiracy theory.

There were two women who accused Assuage together, of rape. Suddenly two rapes in four days, makes Assange look more like a serial rapist than the bastion of righteousness and super whistleblower against immoral world leaders.

A week after the news exploded when the only plausible explanation seemed to be a juicy conspiracy theory. The story then started spiralling down to a couple of one-night stands with disappointed radical leftist feminist groupies. Then the rape charges were brought up again and the story begins to become bizarre.

blond in conspiracy theory

Blond, but not a bimbo

The main actor in this saga is Ms A. She is no dumb blond bimbo. She is an astute, highly intelligent (up there around genius) intellectual. A political scientist by profession, specialising in women’s rights, and active in politics. She also knows the Swedish laws relating to rape and sexual harassment. Such as how to accuse a man of rape, without running the risk of being accused herself for false accusation.

Ms A summed the story up saying the problem was with, “. . . a man who has a skew view of women and is unable to take ‘No’ for an answer.” Quite a statement from a woman who is a radical feminist and has a skew view of men herself.

Rape is an extremely serious crime and is never excusable. A “No” is a “No!” But falsely accusing a man of rape is also a serious crime.

However, here it needs to be emphasised that this happened in Sweden where there is a vague and broad definition of rape, “sexual molestation,” molestation and harassment.

Having sex with strangers in Sweden is an ongoing moment-by-moment negotiation. It is not sufficient to agree at the start and assume the green light is shining from there on. In Swedish law a woman can change her mind at any time and the man must keep checking for this change of heart. If two lovers are sleeping next to each other and the man begins foreplay before the woman is fully awake, that is technically rape in Swedish law.

Ms A wanted to have sex with him. She was quite happy until the condom broke. Then she blamed Assange for having done that on purpose and for being a male chauvinistic pig. Julian claims it was an accident. One good reason not to have sex with somebody, before you know them well, is that such conflicts at the point-of-no-return are more easily avoided.

A few points about the relationship between Ms A and Julian Assange.

  • Ms A is the spokesperson for a branch of the Swedish Social Democrat Party.
  • Ms A invited the Wikileaks’ founder to speak at a seminar in Stockholm organised by her organisation.
  • She was working as Assange’s press scretary and organiser during his Sweden stay.
  • Ms A let Julian Assange stay in her flat while in Stockholm.
  • Ms A continued having a friendly relationship with Assange, after that incident, including hosting a party for him together with some friends.

There must be more to this story than the picture presented in mainstream media.

Summary of the rape accusations against Assange.

Both women agree that:

  • It was consensual sex. In other words, Ms A and Ms W wanted to have sex with Julian Assange who wanted to have sex with them.
  • Both Ms A and Ms W did not feel threatened by Assange.
  • Ms A carried on voluntarily as Assange’s press secretary after the “molestation.”
  • The women did not know each other previously.
  • Ms W approached Ms A, whom she did not know, and told her what had happened.
  • Ms A went to the police to “ask for advice.” She did not need to go to the police for advice, as she is very well aware of Swedish law on this subject.
  • A warrant for the arrest of Assange was issued, before formal statements had been taken from the women.
  • No attempt was made at finding him, even though both women had Assange’s phone number(s) and one was his press secretary.
  • Within an hour after the women had been to the police the information had been leaked to the Swedish tabloid Expressen.
  • His identity was made public hours after the visit to the police station, by the prosecutor, contrary to Swedish law.
  • Within 24 hours the arrest warrant was withdrawn, by another, higher ranking, prosecutor.
  • The sexual molestation charge that remained was minor, one that is punishable by a mere slap on the wrist.
  • Assange applied for a residence permit, to work permanently in Sweden soon after his arrival. Committing rape would deny him that chance.
  • Assange did not want to make a comment, as he had no idea who these two women with rape accusations were, since he had not raped any woman. He was aware though, that he had had consensual sex with two women during the previous week, but said that was private matters between the women and him.
  • Both women were on good terms with him after their sexual trysts.

No wonder the conspiracy theory was in everyone’s thoughts.

An interesting aside here. Ms A had a guide on how to exact “legal revenge” on men who have been “unfaithful.”, on her personal blog site. This was removed shortly after she made the accusation. If we are talking about conspiracies, could this be a conspiracy by a woman scorned?

Ms A had an intimate night with Assange who was staying in her apartment. A couple of evenings later Assange spent a night together with Ms W. A couple of days later Ms W confides in Ms A and Ms A takes a reluctant (apparently at this point in time) Ms W to the police to lay a charge in such a way that the police lay the charge against the protestations of the women, clearing Ms A of any risk of being guilty of false accusations.

There is a lack of neutrality in the accusing side. There is a radical feminist activist as victim, her lawyer is Claes Borgström, the spokesperson on gender equality issues in Ms A’s political party, the Social Democratic Party, and was Sweden’s Equality Ombudsman from 2000 to 2007. Claes Borgström is a strong supporter of the radical feminist agenda. The four prosecutors involved are all women. Do they not have a token male prosecutor in Sweden to slot in here? This is not a slight on women prosecutors, but with such a high profile case, likely to draw on for some time in the media, and with the feminist flag flying high, finding a token male in the prosecution team should be the politically correct thing to do. In the name of equality.

A tabloid newspaper is tipped off, by an SMS, soon after the women leave the police station. The tabloid, Expressen phones the prosecutor who confirms Assange is a rape suspect. What kind of legal banana kingdom is Sweden? Swedish law makes it illegal to divulge an accused’s identity before the investigation has even begun, which a prosecutor, of all people, should know. Or was there a political motive behind this?

Then the charge is changed, within 24 hours, from rape to suspected reckless behaviour. 48 hours later, this is changed this back to rape. This is not the normal process of the Swedish legal system.

Once again the question comes up. Conspiracy theory anyone?

Oh. And Ms A, Julian Assange’s press secretary and conference organiser, has previously written editorials for Expressen's sister tabloid in Gothenborg. Could that be the tip-off leak to the tabloid?

This story continues to answer the question; Wikileaks rape story what really happened?

An update on this story is on Wikileaks Assange the women’s conspiracy.

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