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Wiki leaks founder’s rape story | What really happened?

September 2nd, 2010

This is a continuation from Wikileaks Assange and conspiracy theories.

This is an amazing story about how sensible, mature consenting adults turn into irresponsible, emotionally driven teenagers when they have sex. This is a classic example of a couple of sexual romps gone wrong, and a man thinking with the head dingling between his legs.

Kind of dampens the conspiracy theories, but there is more, much more to follow as the plot thickens. And it does get thick.

If the driving force behind the accusations, Ms A, had felt there was a budding relationship then we have jealousy in a relationship. The woman scorned and feeling betrayed, and seeks revenge, using the “other woman”.

Swedes are looked at as a promiscuous nation, but they are really very faithful in a relationship, while the relationship lasts. Sort of serial monogamists. There are regional variations, with regions where faithfulness in a lifelong relationship is the norm.

Julian Assange made his own bed with his promiscuity. He had been warned that the Pentagon was working on setting him up for a honey trap type sex trap. It is very likely the Pentagon WAS busy burning brain cells to set Assange up. Assange never thought that two blond groupies like Ms A and Ms W were a threat. Maybe the Wikileaks founder didn’t think, at least not with the head on his shoulders.

Wikileaks, the Women and Assange Conspiracy Theories

He did after all say, “We have been warned that the Pentagon, for example, is thinking of deploying dirty tricks to ruin us. And I have also been warned about sex traps.” So what was he doing in Ms W’s apartment? A lady he did not know, no one in his circle could vouch for and who introduced herself. There is nothing conspiratorial with Ms W, who appears to be a normal idealistic young lady, in innocent awe of a man who is world news and hunted by the world’s only superpower. But Assange could not have known that at the time.

It was not as if he was passionate about her. In the Swedish police statement she said it was straight forward regular. By the time they got to her flat, she had lost her passion for him. It is hard for a woman to compete against a computer while dating a geek. So no bells, whistles or fireworks. The big question here is why did dear Julian, the darling of the liberal left, risk getting compromised so easily and clumsily?

The CIA and the Pentagon did not need to connive a dirty tricks campaign. Mr Julian Assange did the job all by himself, better than they could have dreamed.

blond in conspiracy theory

Blond, but not a bimbo

Maybe he should have spent a little less time surfing and twittering about himself and more time researching the ladies he was dating. Ms A had an interesting piece on her personal blog, now removed. A guide on how to exact “legal revenge” on an unfaithful man.

Were the rape accusations “legal revenge?” If so, then was the “other woman” used in the revenge plot, which included abusing the Swedish legal system? A clear conspiracy theory here, but one more slick than the Pentagon or CIA could have arranged.

She had other blog posts, also removed from her personal site, as are her Twitter comments for some crucial days. But still floating on a radical feminist blog, are blog posts showing her bitter and hostile view of men.

Julian did not know whom he was messing with. Yet another lesson not to have sex before you really know someone. That was the idea in the old days with the practice of engagements. It gave the couple a chance to get to know each other as people with souls and not as masturbatory objects.

funny animated gif

The Theory of Evolution derived from attitudes expressed in Ms A's blog posts

The renewed rape charges might be the authorities, both Swedish and United States’ putting pressure on him. But he made the trap and set it up all by himself.

Little did the Pentagon and Assange realise the volatile mix of:

  • A radical feminist
  • A man at the point-of-no-return
  • A broken condom.

When these three come together the bomb is primed.

  • The man having sex with another woman a couple of evenings later.

Then the emotional sex bomb detonates.

Julian Assange was apparently unaware of the wroth he had caused, as he took the ladies' friendly behaviour towards him after their sex trysts as a sign that all went well. He obviously understands computers, but equally obvious is that he does not understand women. Which is why it was rational of him to make the statement, “the Pentagon was playing dirty tricks to ruin us.” To be fair to Julian Assange that last statement, spread around by the world’s media, was taken out of context. He believes they have taken advantage of the situation that arose.

With Julian Assange's promiscuous behaviour who needs conspiracy theories? The mystery why he blundered in the way he did is explained in Wikileaks Conspiracy Theory: Sex trap social communication.

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