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Wikileaks Conspiracy Theory: Sex trap social communication

September 2nd, 2010

This is a continuation from Wikileaks rape story what really happened?

Just when the Wikileaks’ Assange’s rape looks like a revenge by a radical feminist woman scorned, they cry “rape” and the conspiracy theory circus starts again.


What is the background to this legal farce? This part of the article explains a vital part in the story; a part mainstream media do not present. If you wish to skip this vital part in the Wikileaks conspiracy puzzle, then click on to the Wikileaks conspiracy uncovered. Otherwise read on.

There is verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Julian Assange understands computers, but might not be too good at picking up the non-verbal signals women give. This could explain what Assange’s son Daniel wrote (tongue in cheek) on his Facebook site that Julian Assange, “does have a way of making a lot of female enemies.”

Assange showed a number of clear signs during the week with the two women that he does have a geeky problem with female relationships.

For some people computers are easier to form relationships with; there are no emotions or subconscious signals involved.

Avoiding Conspiracy 101 – Verbal and non-verbal communication

To those of us who are able to understand and interpret these signals, they are as clear as a flashing red light and a blaring siren. To those of us not able to pick these signs up, much of human communication are missed. There is more non-verbal communication than verbal. This is the reason autistic and semi-autistic people are misunderstood and in their turn misunderstand others.

Those who fall into sex traps, honey traps, greed trap or any other CIA, KGB or Pentagon dirty trick, are generally not, at the time, tuned into the non-verbal communication signs. These cues warn the person that something is wrong, without knowing precisely what.

Verbal communication is on a cognitive conscious level, like communicating with or through a computer. Non-verbal communication on the other hand is on an intuitive subconscious level, more like a communication between souls.

Examples of communication

An example is when a woman is angry and assumes the man can see the obvious.

The man realising something is amiss asks, “What’s wrong?”

The woman answers, “Nothing.”

The man takes that word at face value and thinks “nothing” is wrong, and is surprised when there is an argument over “nothing” later on.

Another example would be a man and a woman are driving along in their car chatting, when they approach a restaurant.

The woman says, “That’s a nice restaurant.”

“Yes it is,” says the man and drives past.

Then he cannot understand why the woman is so quiet.

(clue: What she was actually saying was, “Let’s stop for a bite to eat,” and is now cross because he did not stop.)

Caveat: The difference between men and women presented here are generalisations along the lines of “men are from Mars and women are from Venus.” Individuals vary from the vague “average” man or woman. Some men are very sensitive to non-verbal signals, while some women are insensitive to these signals.

A real life example: In a recent Swedish rape case, the accused teenage boy was acquitted by the judge, because the girl was giggling while saying “no.” He did not think she meant it seriously. The boy stopped when the girl hit him. He was still accused of rape because he had not respected the giggling “no.”

What actually happened between Assange and the two women?

As the story unfolds in the mainstream media and the blogosphere, we are getting two versions and these miscommunications between Assange, Ms A and Ms W are reflected by the two parties’ lawyers.

The two women are represented by a high profile lawyer, Claes Borgström. He is the spokesperson on gender equality issues in Ms A’s political party, the Social Democratic Party. Claes Borgström is presenting the case, as a woman would think.

Assange was being represented by another star performing lawyer, Leif Silbersky. Silbersky was too busy with other court cases, so Assange found another lawyer to represent him, Bjorn Hurtig, who will probably present the case, as a man would think.

The details of what actually transpired and the role verbal and non-verbal communication played, follow in the next part of this article, the Wikileaks conspiracy uncovered: honey trap turned sour.

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