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Wikileaks Conspiracy Uncovered | Sour Honey Trap

September 3rd, 2010

This is a continuation from Wikileaks rape conspiracy theory Sex trap social communication

Wikileaks’ founder and front man Julian Assange had been warned for honey traps, yet let himself be compromised. Surrounded by admirers and lulled into a sense of security, Assange let his guard down and allowed his emotions override his judgement.

Little did Assange know the irrational arbitrariness of the Swedish legal system, a system he respected and trusted, and thought was a safe haven for Wikileaks’ whistle blowing activity.

With Julian Assange's promiscuous behaviour who needs conspiracy theories? He has by now lost his innocence about Swedish law. In Sweden there is a vague, broad and arbitrary definition of rape, sexual molestation and molestation. The radical feminist movement has politicised sex in Sweden, and in political correctness gone mad, made what is mature behaviour between adults taking responsibility for their actions, into a crime.

Having sex with strangers in Sweden is an ongoing action-by-action negotiation, with possible retroactive consequences. It is not enough to agree at the start and assume the green light is shining from there on. In Swedish law a woman can change her mind at any moment and the man must be ready for this change of heart, even in mid action.

To illustrate this problem bluntly: if a couple have consensual sex and the woman changes her mind, but the woman’s only protests are giggles while saying “no” and the man continues because he does not think she means it seriously, then he has committed a rape according to Swedish law. In normal Swedish society, as in most countries in the world, such misunderstandings in bed are discussed in a mature adult fashion. In Sweden’s political correct radical feminist subculture, there is a tendency to immature behaviour by not taking responsibility for their own decisions and to report such misunderstandings as rape.

According to the United Nations crime and criminal justice statistics, Sweden is the second worst country for rapes in the world. This is not because Swedish men are particularly bad, it is because some young Swedish women do not take responsibility for their own promiscuous behaviour, and accuse their lover of rape if they regret, or are disappointed, after having been to bed with the man. In other words, as far as rape is concerned, Sweden is a relatively safe country for a woman, but men should be careful whom they date.

The Minister for Justice in Sweden, Beatrice Ask, has stated publicly that she would like to see letters sent to families and neighbours of anyone suspected of a sex related crime. Not convicted, but merely suspected. This would not be the case for someone suspected of armed robbery, murder and such crimes. This is politicising sex.


The Wikileaks’ founder and spokesperson, Julian Assange, visited Sweden in August this year to arrange for Wikileaks servers to be run by a Swedish political party, the Swedish Pirate Party. Having a political party’s protection would give Wikileaks a security under Sweden’s strong whistleblower protection laws. In order to get full advantage of the protection afforded to whistleblowers by Sweden’s press freedom laws Wikileaks needed an editor with Swedish residency. This Julian Assange applied for during his visit to Sweden.

Ms A arranged Julian Assange’s Swedish visit and speaking engagements during his stay and acted as his press secretary.

Assange stayed in her one-bedroom flat while in Stockholm for a few days while Ms A was away. Ms A came back on the Friday evening, Friday the 13th August, and she and Assuage went out to dinner. On returning to the flat they had an intimate evening together. During this there was an accident. The condom tore.

blond in conspiracy theory

Blond, but not a bimbo

Ms A is an astute, intelligent (IQ over 140) political scientist academic who understands issues around women’s rights, and aspects of Swedish law concerning sexual harassment. She has had an interesting life having worked as an intern for the Swedish Foreign Service at the Swedish Embassy in Buenos Aires and been expelled from Cuba for anti-Cuban Government activity. However, it appears she is ignorant on such trivia as the technical aspects of condoms. We cannot all be perfect. In all fairness to Assange, these things do happen, even with Swedish quality condoms.

This is why statistically a condom is not 100% safe. They never have been and will not be in the foreseeable future. There is a balance when making condoms between being thick enough to be safe, and thin enough for feeling.

Ms A says Assange broke the condom purpose. Julian Assange says it was an accident.

To call this sexual molestation is not a good translation. Swedish law is broad, ambiguous and arbitrary on rape, sexual molestation and molestation or harassment. Molestation in this particular case is better translated in English as reckless behavior, because of the health and pregnanancy risks.

Ms A was a bit peeved with Assange over this, but did not consider this as serious. She did not want to accuse him for anything at this point, which she clarified in an interview published in a Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet. Ms A continued with a friendly behaviour towards him, organising for his next speaking engagement the following morning, Saturday the 14th August and held a crayfish party for Assange that evening. Crayfish parties are a Swedish tradition during August.

Assange stayed on in Ms A’s apartment until the morning of Monday the 16th and possibly the nights of Wednesday the 18th and Thursday the 19th. Ms A was away from town for some of those nights, at least Monday the 16th.

This is where Ms W, the other woman in this web of intrigue comes in. The story continues uncovering with Wikileaks conspiracy love triangle; the other woman.

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