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Wikileaks Conspiracy | The Other Woman

September 3rd, 2010

This is a continuation from Wikileaks rape conspiracy uncovered, the honey trap turned sour.

The other woman, Ms W, became fascinated with Assange after seeing him being interviewed on television. She said she thought him to be, “interesting, brave and admirable.” Ms W then followed news reports about his activities and read everything she could find about him on the Internet.

Saturday the 14th August, 2010

Ms W offered to work as a volunteer that Saturday at the seminar Ms A had arranged and organised.

Before the seminar started, Ms W was sent to buy a computer cable for Assange. During the 90 minute long message on “The first victim of war is the truth,” she sat in the front row, to Assange’s left. He could not have missed seeing her during the talk, a pretty blond lady in a bright pink jersey in the front row, who was taking photographs of the meeting.

During the speach, Ms A was on the podium to Assange’s left and Ms W sat almost directly in front of Ms A, who could not have avoided seeing how Ms W was looking at Assange.

Afterwards, together with four of Assange’s male friends Ms W and Assange went to a restaurant, Bistro Boheme, for a late lunch where there was a bit of flirting between Assange and Ms W.

What was Assange thinking about? He did not know her and neither did the four men. Inviting her to lunch with them was a spur of the moment decision after Ms W had approached one of the men, asking him to introduce her to Julian Assange. If this was a honey trap and Ms W was the bait, then Julian was hooked. If this was not a honey trap, then what about his relationship with Ms A? A brief Google search would have shown him that Ms A is not a lady to trifle with.

blond in conspiracy theory

Blond, but not a bimbo

At school on the island of Gotland, Ms A was known as the “Cuckoo Chick” because she was stealing other girls’ boyfriends. But when her ex fiancé betrayed her she became bitter and posted a nasty guide on how to exact revenge on an unfaithful man, which she has vigorously defended after the rape accusations became public. Many of her blog posts reflect a bitter and twisted view of men.

These were easy to find before August the 20th, before the rape accusation was filed, now these posts have been removed and blogs closed down.

She was behind a sexual harassment incident at the University of Uppsala. She did not report the remark herself but prompted the lady about whom a comment was made, to report the student making the comment in a corridor at the university.

Julian Assange already had a black mark next to his name in her book from the previous night. He should have been careful. Very careful.

The Assange Love Triangle

After the lunch Assange and Ms W visited Stockholm’s Natural History Museum. Here is something very interesting. There was something geekish about his behaviour. This Ms W found a bit off-putting. Having a relationship with a computer while accompanying a new beautiful blond friend on a date is not quality romance. After the museum they went to see a movie at an IMAX cinema, where Ms W started to get affectionate. They sat in the back row, where they became quite passionate, to put it delicately.

Later they strolled in a park and lay on the grass. Assange fell asleep, and on being woken by Ms W said he was going to a party and they parted, agreeing to meet again. Her knight in shining armour did not tell her was that the party was being hosted by Ms A and that he had slept with her the previous night and would be staying with Ms A that night.

The crayfish party was held at Ms A's apartment, attended by two members of Sweden's Pirate Party, a couple of journalists and some other friends of Ms A.

Sunday 15th August, 2010

The relationship between Ms A and Julian Assange was still friendly, as he was still staying with her, and they had lunch there in Ms A's apartment with four guests, who were Rick Falkvinge, the leader of the Swedish Pirate Party, Anna Troberg, the Pirate Party's deputy leader and two friends of Ms A.

During the Sunday, Ms W tried to contact Assange, but his mobile telephone was switched off.

The details of what transpired during the next week up to the time of the rape accusation follow in the Wikileaks conspiracy uncovered the week that sunk Assange.

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