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Women’s Story about Wikileaks Founder Assange Arrest

August 21st, 2010

The story surrounding Australian Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange’s arrest and subsequent release, is not getting any clearer. If anything there is more fodder for the rumour mill and conspiracy theorists.

An update on this story is on Wikileaks Assange and Conspiracy Theory.

The two women in the story, one of whom accused Assange of rape, the other of sexual molestation do not give a rational and clear description of what happened. For something that is in the news with such a high impact, there should by now be some substance, or plausible tale developing.

There is not, and therefore the conspiracy theories are about to be unleashed.

So far the puzzle pieces do not fit. The women who said they were sexually molested did not know Assange or each other previously.

The USA is after Assange who is talking about releasing more classified documents. The USA, Pentagon, (CIA, and who else?) are desperate to stop Wikileaks from publishing these papers.

Wikileaks, the Women and Assange Conspiracy Theories

The story with these women happens in less than a week.

The 31 year-old woman has, what she admitted to was voluntary consensual sex, and is “sexually molested” by Assange. A few days later, in another town, a woman in her 20s is having, what she admitted to was voluntary consensual sex, with Assange, and is “raped.”

A couple of days later these two women, who do not know each other and come from different towns, meet in Stockholm they get on such intimate terms that they compare sexual encounters.

The 31 year-old woman, Assange's press secretary during his stay in Sweden, suggests to the 20 something year-old woman that they go to the police for advice, and the 31 year-old accompanies her to back up her story.

Initially it was reported that the women had not gone to the police as they were afraid of Assange because of his powerful position, but the 31 year-old denied this the following day by saying, “He is not violent and I do not feel threatened by him.”

Sexual molestation and rape are serious crimes. We should have no pity for men who commit these acts, but neither should we have compassion for women who falsely accuse someone of these crimes.

Rape has a broad and vague definition in Sweden. What can seem like normal behaviour between two adults in a sexual relationship in most western countries, even in a one night stand, can be construed as rape in Sweden. This is the result of an ongoing debate stretching over many years, between those who fear that guilty perpetrators are getting freed by the Swedish judicial system, and the rule of law principle, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The rapport Felaktigt Dömda, “Wrongly Accused” by Hans-Gunnar Axberger, contains some stinging criticism of the Swedish judicial system in this regard.

There is a tendency in Swedish courts, when in doubt in sexual abuse cases, to judge the person guilty. This has resulted in many innocent people in jail as “sexual predators.”

Wikileaks and Assange Conspiracy Theories

Already there are a number of facts, which will start the conspiracy theories rolling.

  • They both claim to have had voluntary consensual sex with Assange, yet accuse him of rape.
  • They say that Assange is not violent and they do not feel threatened by him.
  • They did not know each other before.
  • The younger woman contacted the 31-year-old, who she had never previously met, to share something not normally shared with strangers.
  • Who these women are will be interesting in light of any Wikileaks conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy theories anyone? All the juicy bits are uncovered in Wiki leaks founder’s rape story - What really happened?.

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