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Wikileaks Conspiracy - Political Implications of Assange Extradition

July 15th, 2011

The continuing sad saga about the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and his Swedish sexcapades is getting weirder and wierder. There is more to the story than mainstream media reveal. Julian Assange, facing extradition to Sweden may not be the perfect Aussie gentleman, or a great romantic, but the women involved are no snow white virgins. They are experienced women (around 30 years old) not young teeny-boppers.

Political Implications

This whole saga smells of corruption from the start

Anna Ardin and Sofia are the two women who have accused Wikileaks Julian Assange of rape. This is a serious accusation; one that any feminist or activist in women’s issues should respect. False accusations weaken the fight against women’s abuse.

Sofia was a naïve groupie who was all over Julian Assange. Anna Ardin was not naïve. She duped Sofia to make a statement to the police. Sofia was used by Anna Ardin to further her revenge on Assange, because he was not what she hoped he would be as a lover. Anna Ardin was not naïve. Their lawyer Claes Borgström and the prosecutor pursuing Assange Marianne Ny both have their own agendas which are ruthlessly driving.

Why did the women not go to the nearest police station, in Södermalm, Stockholm (Anna Ardin’s) or Enköping (Sofia’s)? The answer is that Anna Ardin’s political ally in the police was working at the Klara precinct. And Ardin waited until 4 p.m. when her friend of many years, Irmeli Krans, a politically active radical feminist was starting her shift. Irmeli Krans was the person who interrogated Sofia in the presence of Anna Ardin. Sofia was set up by Ardin and Krans.

Irmeli Krans is politically active in the same political party as Anna Ardin, the Social Democratic Party. By being a close friend as well as a party colleague and working in the same areas as Ardine, gender equality, radical feminism, homosexual, bisexual and transgender issues, there is an obvious conflict of interest. Not only that, but Krans and Ardin are friends of and political party colleagues with Claes Borgström the lawyer pursuing the case against Assange.

Added to this, the prosecutor Marianne Ny is also pursuing a feminist agenda.

The interview Irmeli Krans held with Assange was not recorded, as is normal practice. A summary of the interview was only written afterwards. Bizarre.

The American Connection

Then there is the American connection. Karl Rove and Wikileaks:

Karl Rove, or “Turd-Blossom” as Bush called him, is mixing it in there in Sweden, stirring the Wikileaks Julian Assange conspiracy pot. This is serious. Prosecuting Wikileaks in the USA will open the door to criminalizing investigative news reporting about government. Both Sweden and the USA are pursuing Assange for alleged sex and spy crimes even though neither country has filed a criminal indictment. Despite this the Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny issued an EU arrest warrant, which led to Assange’s arrest in the United Kingdom for potential extradition to Sweden.

Julian Assange is not the only man caught on the wrong side of a Marianne Ny witch-hunt based on a false accusation. This is not about rape, but is a political persecution.

If Assange goes on trial, and even worse is extradited to stand trial in the USA, we can expect more control over the independent media. The major media outlets are already under control, as we see in the News International scandal. It is the independent news bloggers that will feel the new restriction hardest; it is in closing these windows to the world where the public stands to lose most.

Sweden is shooting itself in the foot by pursuing Assange. Sweden is behaving like a lackey of the United States. Swedish neutrality is long gone. It is not Julian Assange on trial, but the Swedish legal system. There need to be serious questioning of the motivation for these extradition proceedings.

Sweden’s prosecutor Marianne Ny has turned a prosecution into a persecution. Marianne Ny knows the women made this story up. Ardin and Sofia “sought advice” from he police. This is a technique used in Sweden to avoid being accused of making false complaints. They sought advice together, having worked together and tainted each other's evidence beforehand. Their SMS texts to each other show a plan to contact the Swedish newspaper The Expressen beforehand in order to maximise the damage to Assange.

As Assange’s Australian lawyer, James Caitlin, puts it:

“Consensual sex can be rape, according to Borgström (the lawyer representing the women) and Ny – but the alleged victims don’t decide – they (Borgström and Ny) do. The new laws which establish these ‘precedents’ are not yet on the books – but it’s Marianne Ny’s intention to make the Assange affair into a test case for that purpose. In other words: Marianne Ny wants to try Julian Assange for something that wasn’t a crime when it took place.”

Sexual molestation and rape are serious crimes. We should have no pity for men who commit these acts, but neither should we have compassion for women who falsely accuse someone of these crimes.

Conspiracy theories anyone? All the juicy bits are uncovered starting in Wiki leaks founder’s rape story - What really happened?.

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