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Assange Extradition Wikileaks Update

July 15th, 2011

The continuing sad saga about the conspiracy around Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and his Swedish sexcapades is getting weirder and wierder. The Swedish authorities must be getting desperate to bring a new twist to their already convoluted trumped up charge of rape against Julian Assange.

Rape is one of the vilest and traumatising crimes a man can commit against a woman. Rapist should not be given any mercy or sympathy. The flip side of that coin is that women who falsely accuse a man of such a vile act should not be shown sympathy either.

Any woman who falsely accuses a man of this vile crime is guilty of diluting the horror and giving arrogant selfish men yet another excuse not to respect women. This is no trifling matter.

Abusive relationships cause immense emotional damage to society to the abused women as well as to any children. Some men learned to be abusive from the dual example of an abusive father and a mother that stayed in the relationship despite being abused. Some women have been conditioned to expect being abused, having been raised in this type of toxic family environment.

Update on the Assange Case:

During the extradition hearing, in July 2011, where Julian Assange appealed against being extradited from the United Kingdom to Sweden for “rape” supposedly committed in August 2010, new versions of the original rape accusation were presented.

New revelations were Assange’s statements that he wanted to impregnate women and that he preferred virgins because he would be the first to impregnate them. How relevant is this? It sounds like puerile small talk, not some deep philosophical belief. He also said that he thought Sweden is a good country to have kids in.

Firstly Julian Assange has impregnated only one woman so far, his ex-wife. Secondly Assange does not really seem the “virgin type” man. He was flirting with very non-virgin type women during his Sweden visit. There are not many virgins that would fall for Julian Assange’s seduction techniques either.

Clare Montgomery, prosecuting on behalf of the Swedish authorities in London, said the women described circumstances in which they did not freely consent without coercion. “Either by physical force or by a sense of having already been in a position whereby they felt they had no choice.”

She said that Anna Ardin had been a victim of “coercive violent sex” and was “roughed up” after she allowed Assange to stay in her apartment.

Anna Ardin is not a shy little woman with low self-esteem. She is a vociferous feminazi and Palestinian supporter. She has women’s rights work experience from both Sweden and the West Bank where she has worked as a volunteer. She also helped organize the “Ships to Gaza” sanctions breaking episode.

So how did she respond to “coercive violent sex” and being “roughed up?”

She held a party in Assange’s honour and Twittered about how awesome it was being with the coolest people on the planet. That “coolest” included Assange. One of her friends at the party, Kajsa Borgnäs, asked Ardin if she and Assange were sleeping together, and Ardin replied that they had, but it was a lousy lay and that Borgnäs could have him if she wanted.

Anna Ardin stated after she had coerced the second woman, Sofia, to report the rape accusation, that she herself was not coerced by saying, “He is not violent and I do not feel threatened by him.”

Well, dear Julian came on strong during that party and flirted off and on with Kajsa during the 8 hours she was at the party. Assange flirted with the other ladies there as well. When Bongnäs decided to go home at 3 a.m. Julian wanted to tag along home with her, but she said, “No.” Ardin was not blind to the flirting, it was pretty much in-your-face. According to Kajsa Borgnäs in her statement to the police 3 weeks after all this took place, Julian Assange received numerous phone calls from a woman or from women. These were from the second woman in this sordid sage, Sofia.

This is a very political business. Ardin is active in politics, her lawyer pushing for Assange to be tried for rape, Claes Borgström is a politician and Kajsa Borgnäs is seen by many Social Democrats as the future hope for the ailing Social Democratic Party. Add to this Marianne Ny, the prosecutor pushing the case against Assange is trying to set a precedents for a law that is not yet on the books. In other words they want to try Assange for something that wasn’t a crime when it took place.

The Enköping Incident

The other woman Sofia complained that Assange was having sex with her while she was sleeping. That sounds like Assange is a monster rapist until one looks at the context.

Sofia was a groupie, short and sweet. She was all over him. She invited herself to a lunch with Assange, where she was clingy. After the lunch they went to see a movie and sat in the back row. Well, they did not really see the movie, because they were not aware when it ended. When the lights come on Sofia was on Julian’s lap and he had to help her put on her bra. Always the Aussie gentleman, is our friend Julian. After that they lay in a park and engaged in heavy petting (caressing her breast with hands under her blouse) in full public view.

A few days later Julian and Sofia travelled from Stockholm to Sofia’s home in Enköping. There according to Sofia’s police statement, they had a three-hour foreplay, at which point dear Julian, who had as yet not had a full erection, fell asleep. Poor Sofia felt rejected, so she says.

They were both lying naked next to each other. Julian woke up and started getting amorous. Sofia then woke up.

The conversation went like this according to Sofia’s police statement:

Sofia: “Are you wearing anything?”

Julian: “Only you.”

Sofia: “You better not have HIV.”

Julian: “Of course not.”

Sofia then took him at his word and let him continue.

This will probably not go down as an all time classic sexy whispering sweet nothings bedtime talk.

Both women were fully aware of what they were getting themselves into when they were intimate with Assange. They were both disappointed that he was not as good a lay as he is at organising Wikileaks.

Conspiracy theories about the extradition anyone? What really happened? From the police statements Julian Assange could be somewhat more of a gentleman, he does not score high on romance and he is not the greatest lay, but a rapist ... hardly.

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