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Norwegian Terrorist Anders Breivik’s Marriage Proposals

April 23rd 2012

Anders Breivik the Norwegian mass murderer, who shot and killed 69 young unarmed Norwegians to “save Europe from Islamization” in a Norwegian spree killing massacre is getting love letters in prison.

The most hated Norwegian in Norway has received nearly 300 letters to date. Some of the post is the mere mundane accounts, but there are many love letters from women who, for some reason, feel they can change him, or feel attracted to a man who, seriously, no woman should approach. He has declared his misogynistic ideas in his “manifest” that he emailed to his racist online friends before he set out on his murderous spree killing rampage.

Breivik has been in isolation since his arrest on the 22nd July 2011. Last week this isolation was lifted after a court report stated that Anders Breivik is insane with a form of delusional schizophrenia. Now he has a bundle of post to work his way through.

Love Letters in Hate Mail

Besides the demands for various payments, the letters include the expected threats and hate mail, but weirdly, also marriage proposals. Maybe these women should read about red flag warning signs of emotional abusers. How many of these women have read Breivik’s 1,518 page Manifesto which clearly shows Anders Breivik to be a delusional narcissist?

His uniform, which he wanted to wear while defending himself in court should light up the flashing warning lights that this is not good husband material.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated phenomenon. Most infamous male criminals, no matter how gruesome their crimes, have women wanting to have a relationship with them. The sad fact is these women believe naively that they, and only they, can turn the monster into a normal, rational, empathetic and kind man.

Even Josef Fritzl, the father who imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth for 24 years in a cellar under his house, and raped her throughout that time, fathering her seven children, has his admirers. The women who have written over 200 letters to the 73-year-old believed the Austrian Monster from Amstetten is “good at heart” and misunderstood. He also received hate mail: about 4% of his letters were from adoring women.

These women need emotional help, but often reject good advice from family and friends. They are emotionally vulnerable, have a need to be accepted, and instead of dealing with their own psychological/emotional problems, they channel their energy, and their love, to change the unchangeable.

It is not politically correct to call someone a psychopath, but that is what most of these more brutal criminals are. Psychopaths cannot be rehabilitated. They do not understand why they should. One cannot help a person who does not want to be helped.

Some of these women are vulnerable and have themselves been abused as adults or had an abusive and problematic upbringing. Somewhere in their hurt souls there is the desire to heal violence with Love. A beautiful thought, but an impossible dream.

Being the narcissist he is, Breivik will enjoy the feeling of being wanted. That is if the women share his political ideas. If on the other hand there are women who want to cure him of his rabid Islamophobia and racism, then his misogynistic side will reject those women.

The police read all his correspondence so that Breivik does not receive anything that could influence the coming trial, which is due on April 16th, 2012.

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