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The World’s 10 Worst Hacking Countries

April 28th 2013

Where do the worst hackers live, or at least which countries do they operate from? This site is linked from many dodgy sites in Russia. Why they link here is a mystery, we have no x-rated content and nothing that should interest that type of site. None of us understand Russian, and we all avoid sites like those; like a plague.

If you, dear reader, can explain this mystery as to why they link to us, please leave a comment below.

In the media hackers are stereotyped:

  • In the USA and the UK, hackers are teens or twenty somethings nerdy geeks hacking in their parental homes, fighting for puerile anarchistic ideals. UK is not even in the list of 10 worst hacking countries, even thogh some of the UKs hackers belong to infamous hacker groups, like Anonymous. But Rumania is on the list. Why? Crime? Which leads us to …
  • In Russia and the Ukraine the image is of nerdy geeks working for the Russian or the Ukrainian mafia.
  • In China --- Now who are these mysterious cyber terrorists attacking the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and other western media houses?

75% of the world’s cyber attacks during the last quarter of 2012 were launched from only 10 countries. These top 10 countries are:

  • 10. Hungary has entered the top 10 list, pushing South Korea into 11th place. Hungary’s 1.4% is unchanged from last year so South Koreans have decreased their hacking activities.
  • 9. Italy has also reduced hacking activity by 0.3% to 1.6% placing it in ninth spot.
  • 8. India where hacking activity was also reduced proportionately from 3% to 2.3% in spite of their large population. So India is still an OK country as far as cyber terrorism is concerned.
  • 7. The European Union enters the list here with Rumania. They are up 0.2% compared to last year’s hacking to 2.8%. Hacking is mainly in Rumania’s south-central town of Râmnicu Vâlcea, where it appears to be their cottage industry of choice.
  • 6. Brazil is another country dropping in the rankings. Here the drop is 1.1% from last year. Brazil now stands for 3.3% of the world’s cyber attacks.
  • 5. Taiwan at 3.7% shows the biggest drop since last year when they made up 7.5% of hack attacks.
  • 4. Russians were responsible for 4.3% of global cyber attacks. One cyber criminal gang based in Russia and Eastern Europe (they hop around a bit) hit 40 companies including Twitter and FaceBook. However Russia is down from last year’s count when they were responsible for 6.8% of cyber attacks.
  • 3. Turkey was over the 5% mark last year, 5.6%, but like many on this list dropped this year to 4.3%.
  • 2. The United States is lying at the same level it did last year, namely 10% of global cyber attack traffic. This despite the United States being the home to many members of hacker groups like AntiSec and Anonymous.
  • 1. China has top spot with a whopping 41% of the world’s cyber attacks originating from this country alone. A year ago China stood for 13% of global cyber attack traffic. Since there are not that many Chinese literate in computer programming languages (try writing Java or C++ in Chinese characters) there must be a sinister cause for this huge increase in malware spreading traffic.

Although the Chinese government vehemently denies any involvement in international hacking, this massive increase in hack attacks must have government backing. A sophisticated hacker network has been uncovered in China, some of whose members are associated with the Chinese military and intelligence agencies.

In the last 5 years China has made industrial scale hacking an integral part of its economic policy. They are trying to hack their way into every major corporation in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia. Their goal is to become the world’s largest economy, and if stealing data by the terabyte will get them there, then that stealing is he way they will go.

So there are basically four levels in global cyber attacks:

  • 4 Annonymous, AntiSec etc, who are a nuisance, but not real serious big time players.
  • 3 Russian mafia and their gangster allies in the Ukraine, Rumania, etc.
  • 2 Russian and Western government intelligence agencies, the U.S., Britain, Germany, France, etc. They conduct cyber spying on foreign governments and foreign military and terrorist groups to protect themselves.
  • 1 Chinese.

China has always denied responsibility for hacking originating from Chinese based servers. United States’ intelligence agencies have identified close to 20 Chinese based hacking groups who are among the world’s most skilled hackers.

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