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Jon Venables, the killer of toddler James Bulger, is in jail for serious offence

15th March, 2010.

Britain’s most spoilt pampered brat has grown up to be a cocaine snorting, foul mouthed, arrogant, selfish and un-socialised man-sized brat. The authorities may have spent over £2.5 million and years teaching him to lie about his past so he could keep his new identity secret, but they obviously were unable to teach him how to control his emotions. Maybe in spite of all their expertise, the psychologist had not understood attachment theory and metallization. These two concepts are vital in any child's socialisation and emotional development.

The infamous child killer of toddler James Bulger, Jon Venables, is now in prison, where he probably belonged all along. He was hauled back to prison after years of drug abuse and brushes with the law. The politically correct treatment of this brute put the public at risk.

That act, brutally killing the toddler James Bulger, was not a solitary act by an innocent 10 year-old. The boy had been expelled from one school the year before, for trying to strangle another pupil. He was already considered a loony by his classmates. He was already showing signs of conduct disorder. This is a sign that the child is on the way towards becoming and adult psychopath.

What finally had him sent to jail was his violent child sex porn collection on his computer. Detectives investigating an alleged child pornography ring searched his home and found images on his laptop depicting violent paedophile sex. For someone with his background, how rehabilitated was he to collect "kiddie porn" depicting serious violent sexual acts with children?

In their fairy tale world of rehabilitating Venables, they failed to accept the possibility in him of some form of psychopathy, sociopathy or, as they are now called, a severe personality disorder. How could the fuzzy-minded dreamers on the parole board think Venables was rehabilitated when he was still throwing his temper tantrums, like a two year old, and flipping out? He lacked self-control. What danger would he pose to an unsuspecting young woman he would chat up during his nights out clubbing? It now appears that he was adicted to child porn..

He has always had temper tantrums and all the expensive psychological and/or psychiatric help he received could not change that. What did they do to change him? It appears nothing. Maybe he led the wool minded politically correct psychologists by the nose?

Finally the politically correct parole officers had to do something. Venables thought he could do what he pleased. They had let him off and protected him so many times before.

Venables and fellow tearaway, Robert Thompson Thompson, battered two-year-old James to death on a railway line in Merseyside when they were only 10 years old. Now aged 27, after a better education and upbringing than he could have ever hoped for if he had never killed, he has shown that it was not an innocent little boy that murdered James, but a person with an evil personality. Did the two murderers have severe personality disorders?

There has been much written about us not knowing why Venables was sent behind bars. He was released in licence, meaning if he committed a crime or did anything forbidden by the licence, he would end up in prison for life.

The main question that should be asked is, why now? The man has repeatedly breached the conditions of his release. He has been to Merseyside on numerous occasions. Apparently The killer frequented Liverpool clubs and bars, including Krazy House, The Funky Box, Bar Fly and Walkabout. He has been arrested for possessing cocaine (he was let off with a caution) and he has spent a night in custody for fighting. Besides cocaine, Venables also uses methadrone and ecstasy.

He is prone to violent outbursts of temper and violent behaviour, and was stabbed in a fight. Yet Venables was employed for years as a nightclub bouncer despite his his parole conditions. How was he able to avoid the vetting process which is aimed at stopping serious criminals from being employed as bouncers? How come the parole officers let this happen, for years?

The man could not control his temper and would flip out, yet his parole officers let him work in such an environment. Political correctness gone mad.

In addition, the fact that he chose to work in such an environment where dealing with brawls and confrontations is commonplace, and risk finding himself in a situation where he would be sent back to jail, indicates that there was still a serious problem with his personality. The psychologists treated his symptoms, his outward behaviour, by training and taching him, but failed to help him emotionally and change a dysfunctional personality. The problem with Venables was not in his brain, but in his soul.

Venables lives under a secret identity in a town in northern England. He lived alone in a bed-sit. He worked at a fast food restaurant for minimum pay. He apparently has difficulty forming long term relationships, although he does attempt to flirt with women in bars and nightclubs. This is another proof that despite the millions of pounds spent on his rehabilitation, they have not been able to patch up the deficits in his personality or help him heal emotionally.

Recently Venables lost his temper with a fellow worker at the fast food restaurant where he was employed. He lost his temper and hit one of his fellow worker without warning and other workers had to pull him off. The attacked worker laid a complaint and his employer suspended him.

This fight happened after Venables was exposed. It is likely his unsocialized behavior caused his workmates to get suspicious. Something was not right about the guy. So they started to do some background research. This is unlikely to have happened if Venables was a likeable person. Venables fuelled their suspicions by being evasive about his past. A past carefully constructed by a team of psychologists who trained Venables to be able to discuss it easily and convincingly. Had the psychologists dealt with his emotional development or his psychopathic tendencies, it might have worked, but Venables arrogance and selfishness got him caught.

A message posted on Venables new-identity Facebook page asked, “Don't you know who this is?”

This led to the afforementioned confrontation at his workplace. when he attacked one of his fellow workers it was the final straw.

The mother of the toddler Venables battered to death, Denise Fergus wrote on Twitter: “Would like to let everyone know Jon Venables is where he belongs tonight - behind bars.”

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