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Parody on Hitler Rant Parodies

The parodies from the German film Der Untergang (US and UK name The Downfall) with the dramatic Hitler rant scene by the masterful German actor Bruno Ganz, have been tremendously successful, which is a popular public eulogy to Bruno Ganz.

The wave of Hitler rants Internet parodies of Hitler in his bunker losing his temper at losing the war is at risk of being squelched.

The most viewed version is of Hitler getting banned from Xbox Live, has been taken down by YouTube after being seen by 4,348,736 viewers.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a sense of humour it appears. Martin Moszkowicz, an executive at Constantin Film, the producers of Downfall, speaking about the parodies said, “We as a corporation have a bit of an ambivalent view of it. On the one hand we are proud the picture has such a huge fan base and that people are using it for parody. On the other hand we are trying to protect the artists.”

So Constantin Film has forced YouTube to remove these parodies with the following words on a black screen:

“This video contains content from Constantin Film, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

Yes, the media industry, big business, politicians and the establishment institutions are paranoid when something as trivial as a four-minute film clip is out of their control.

This is a bit ridiculous. The clips are at the most 4 minutes, which falls into “fair usage,” but more than that, they are an acknowledgement of the great acting skills and talent in this scene. The scene is brilliant. The popularity is a complement to the actors, especially Bruno Ganz.

Decide for yourselves

There will always be parodies like this around to console us after Hitler is banned

The English starts after 27 seconds.

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