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Zeitgeist Movie Part 2 | 9-11

Zeitgeist - 9-11 Conspiracy

In Part II the Zeitgeist producers enter into a world where they can be competent in. This is the world of materia-energy-space-time. Here comments are made that can be tested according to basic laws of science, like the laws of thermodynamics and other basic laws of chemistry, physics and engineering.

The sequences of the second plane flying into the Twin Towers, shown in the beginning of Part II show clearly that the jet fuel burned outside the building and so could not have been a major influence on the fires inside the Tower building. The exploding jet fuel could have started fires in the Twin Towers, but was definitely not the major source of the fire. The fires in the Twin Towers were fairly cold and very smoky. This is what can be expected if furniture, carpets, office partitions and such things are burning inside a building.

The colour of the flames of the exploding jet fuel indicates that the temperature of the burning jet fuel was not so hot that it would affect the metal internal support structure of the buildings (basic fact of school physics class 101). The obvious fact that most of the fuel burned quickly outside the building, means that there was very little fuel to burn inside the building (a basic fact of common sense).

The amount or ratio of smoke to flame also indicates a relatively cold fire, as do the colours of the flames. Most people who are treated after a fire like this are not burned, but suffer lung damage from inhaling toxic smoke.

Apart from the Twin Towers and Building 7, no other case of an aeroplane flying into a tall building has caused a perfectly symmetrical collapse, in fact no case has caused such a complete collapse. The first plane hit the Tower straight on, but still did not damage the building structure symmetrically. One side was more damaged than the others. The second plane hit the second Tower at an angle damaging a corner section. Again this was not symmetrical damage to the buildings structure. Building 7 was not even hit by an aeroplane. Also, no building collapses by itself at that rate of falling. There is resistance from undamaged parts below.

By law, the remains of the structure should have been saved to be inspected by Federal Inspectors, not shipped to China.

The hijackers were not on the passenger manifest list. Two were pilots that did not need training, one of whom was flying for Saudi Air and complained in person, at the Riyadh USA embassy, the day after 9-11. the other was undergoing upgrade training with Air Maroc, the Moroccan airlines on the 11th September.

At the Pentagon, the main force of the explosion was on the external wall, and the explosion was hotter than jet fuel. This was shown by a picture released by the Pentagon (downloaded from the Pentagon's web site) from a surveillance camera showing the moment of impact. Also from the Pentagon's web site were photographs of the collapsed outer ring building. One particular photo was taken from a helicopter, and in this photo one can see in one room, a wooden stool with a book on it and next to it was a computer monitor. All these were unharmed and not burned. If the aeroplane had vaporized, surely the book, wooden stool and computer monitor would have as well.

This Part II of the Zeitgeist video is unbelievable, but what they say in the Zeitgeist commentary is verifiable fact (chemistry, physics, engineering, common sense). I do not want to believe the obvious conclusion. I think most people do not want to either. That is why there is a denial of the obvious.

A note on “terrorism” in the real world. There are VERY few people who want to blow up planes. Put an electrician and a chemist together for a cup of tea, and before they have finished their tea, they would have come up with a method of smuggling explosives on a plane without any chance of detection. It is not difficult. The obvious conclusion must be that there are VERY FEW real professional terrorists around. Those we have in the West are amateurs.

In the Middle East there are professional terrorists. The Americans produced them when they fired the whole Iraqi army, including the Iraqi Presidential Guard. Those were professional soldiers, and they disappeared as the American troops advanced. If the Americans had recruited them and paid them a good salary, they would have had peace in Iraq. Those soldiers were men with families, and like most people in the world, wanted a good life for their children, food on the table and money to buy things with. They are now killing Americans.

Real terrorism is state terrorism. What did Hitler or Stalin care if their people died? Does Putin care if Russians die? Why should we expect the Neocons, the Cheneys and Bushes of the West to be any different?

Zeitgeist Movie Part 3 - Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve Act came into being in the manner Zeitgeist describes. The Dollar is “funny money.” That is how they get so much money for some absurd cause as the war against Iraq, or bailing out financial institutions. Funny money is borrowed and paid to companies, but it is the American tax payer who is responsible for paying it back. Americans, Britons, Poles and others losing their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, are doing it for “Big Business” like Halliburton.

Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and the American International Group and also beneficiaries of “funny money” because of the Federal Reserve financial structure.

The Spanish American War in 1898 was started by a false attack in Havana Harbour on the USS Maine. The Vietnam War was started by the Tonkin incident, also a false attack.

What Jordan Maxwell says in this part is really describing the result, in practice, of the Neocons philosophical “father” or guru, Leo Strauss.

The end ironically is in harmony with Christianity, although the makers of Zeitgeist appear unaware of this, as they see the religion of Christianity and not Christianity as a relationship with Christ.

This review started with Zeitgeist the background.

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